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  1. WhisperCloud

    Hydrometer already showing 0.994 in primary fermentation

    Hi all. I was making wine from black grapes and the hydrometer showed 1085 initially. I used double dose of metabisulfite and added yeast 48 hours later. After 5 days of adding the yeast, the hydrometer is showing 0.994 in primary fermentation. Was wondering if it's time to move to secondary...
  2. R

    Red organic wine apple seed

    Hi I’m really into red organic wine and I bought a bottle of red organic merlot. I was disgruntled to find an apple seed in it when I finished the bottle. What effect would this have on the wine and importantly myself as the wine was bottled 2021 and apple seeds have cyanide in them. What...
  3. Tomich Icons

    Tomich Icons

    W.C. Fields once said “I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.” How do you like to eat?
  4. peter.povy

    Green fungi during red wine fermentation

    Hello, I'm tring to make my first red wine. Now it's the second week of fermentation and when I made a small control of the wine I noticed a few, small (2-4mm), green color particles. Is this a mold contamination? Smell of the wine is fine. What should I do now? Thank you Peter
  5. Davielovesgravy

    Anyone had a Red Kit take a really long time to ferment?

    Quick question y’all please, has anyone had a Red wine kit take a lot longer than normal to stop fermenting? I am making my second 30bottle “Make Your Own” red kit from The Range and unlike the first kit this one seems to be really slowing down, it’s about 1038 after just over a week. It’s...
  6. Davielovesgravy

    Advice needed MYO winekit, when and what flavours to add?

    Howdy folks, hope everyone is supping well and staying safe. This is my first post after making my first ever red wine kit (first of many I am sure) and I am looking for some advice please. A little bit of background before I ask my question. I managed to get hold of two short dated red wine...
  7. JCBurg

    Petite Pearl yeast selection

    Man I am posting a lot lately, it must be getting close to wine season.... Anyways I am making petite pearl this year and I have picked a few candidates for fermentation yeasts. I will be picking and crushing probably late sept. Or early Oct. because it’s a late ripening grape, and I live in...
  8. Tori webb

    Newbie making belvino Australian red

    Newbie here! So a week ago I got a wine making starter kit from ebay. Ive made the wine per the instructions (with fruit) Now.. I'm degassing? I'm stuck. Have no clue. Help?
  9. S

    Red Wine Flavor from Country Fruits

    Hi! I’m new to this forum but have been lurking and learning as much as I can before jumping in to ask. I’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone for all the great info! Here is my predicament, I cannot get access to grapes nor grape juice. And I’m looking to make only country wines...
  10. tradowsk

    Best WineXpert Bold red kit

    Hi all! I've been making sweet and semi-sweet fruit wines for a while, but I really want to get into some reds. My family and I all love big, bold reds and I wanted some input on some WineXpert kits from people who have made them. Specifically, we are looking for a full-bodied red with strong...
  11. W

    WineXpert Kit Chemistry Off?

    Hi all, I've just begun making wine from a kit: Selection Premium Vieux Chateau Du Roi (Chateauneuf du Pape) I'm going to follow the instructions, except for the sorbate. I've added the water & bentonite per the instructions, mixed (did not start fermentation), and took some chemistry...