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  1. D

    All my beginner winemaking questions

    I am fairly new to brewing home brewing and have made a couple of batches of wine, mead, and beer. I have some recurring questions that I can’t seem to find any consensus on and wanted to get some clarification. Thanks in advance! When racking and/or taking hydrometer samples throughout the...
  2. N

    MLF Help/Suggestions!

    Hey all, love the great tips on here. Could use some help of my own. I pressed my Cab. Two days later, I carefully racked my carboys to the neck and I began MLF that day. it’s been just over 2 weeks since MLF has visibly been going on but some heavy sediment has accumulated...should I rack...
  3. E

    How many times to rack before bottling ?

    Hello, we have an amazing batch of red wine going this year from grapes that we grew. Having just completed our second rack today I’m wondering if that’s sufficient before bottling . The wine is really clear at this point already. Also when should bottling take place? Thanks !! Emmett
  4. tradowsk

    MLF and Racking

    I have a batch of pinot noir (from grapes). I pitched yeast on 9/30and co-inoculated with ML bacteria on 10/1. I've since pressed off the skins/seeds, SG is below 1.000, and the wine is still sitting on the gross lees. Question: can I rack off those lees now or will that mess with the MLF? Do...
  5. T

    Racking Wine?

    Can you store your wine in mason jars or does that not give a good enough seal?
  6. Dom Lausic

    Racking From Large Fermenter

    Hope everyone is excited for the new harvest! And that your winemaking plans well underway! I wanted to ask how everyone drains their wine from their large fermenters (5 gal buckets don't count...). I have a 200L drum i ferment it, and have used a racking cane to siphon in the past. But...
  7. Dom Lausic

    MLF for Pinot Noir

    Good morning all, Just racked my Pinot Noir from primary Sunday night, and I'm getting ready for MLF, but had a couple of questions. I crushed 12 cases of PN to get 110L of wine. I inoculated the must with Lalvin RC212 yeast and added pectic enzymes for colour. When I was racking from...
  8. C

    Pomegranate Progress

    Day - 14 [following restart. See posts regarding Pom Problems] Racked from primary fermenter into 5-Gal carboy SG - 1.037 pH - 3.36 TA - 1% T - 74(F) Subjective: sweet (expected), no bad odors/taste, strong pink color(not red) The wine is fermenting nicely. Activity picked up a...
  9. Becks the Elder


    Hi everyone, I have now managed to get my elderberry wine through its primary fermentation. I racked into six 1 Imp. Gallon demijohns on Friday morning. While reading about the next stage for the batch I read that the wine should only sit upon the 'gross lees' for a few days to avoid...