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  1. A

    Sparkling without disgorging?

    So I'd planned on making a sparkling pineapple wine in the champagne style, but recently realized that our tiny freezer (it's the kind where the freezer is just a drawer under the regular fridge) won't fit bottles upside down. So I can't really do the whole riddling and disgorging method usually...
  2. tradowsk

    Fresh pineapple wine question

    I started a 2 gallon batch of pineapple wine at the beginning of July 2018 with ~15lbs of fresh pineapple (without rind). Added white sugar and pectic enzyme and let macerate for a day, then added water and Kmeta, let it sterilize for a day, then added BM 4x4 yeast. Primary went fine, I racked...
  3. D

    Pineapple wine not bubbling?

    I just started my second batch of pineapple wine about 5 days ago and I'm having the same problem I had with my first batch: the airlock isn't bubbling. Have any of you experienced this with pineapple? The first batch used canned pineapples with Cotes de Blanc yeast. The fermentation seemed...