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  1. P

    Does yeast nutrients increase the taste and quality of wine?

    I started a few batches of wine in 2018 with fresh high quality grapes and they came out great, much better than your average $5 bottle of wine. I did not use any yeast nutrients though. Do yeast nutrients improve the taste and quality of wine? Would it be worth adding to my next batch?
  2. Dom Lausic

    Missed 1/3 Fermaid K Nutrient Addition

    Hello Everyone! My Syrah is fermenting away beautifully in my garage, albeit a little cool..... Canadian fall temps are really dropping in the evening. Nonetheless, starting Brix was 25. I missed my 1/3 Fermaid K addition, and we are currently sitting at 10 Brix. Yeast used is BM 4x4. I...