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  1. CoastalEmpireWine


    Good afternoon everyone. I am thinking of different wines to make next year. I believe I will try to make a Nebbiolo from grapes. A local company brings them in from Italy. Has anyone done this before? I hear it can be quite challenging. I am still newer to making wine from grapes. Any advice or...
  2. stian84aa

    Off taste on Eclipse Nebbiolo kit

    Xmas 2018 i set a Eclipse Nebbiolo kit. Today i finally got around to taste it after my holiday and something seems off. Its is pretty good but it got a bit of sour taste. It isnt that strong but it is there. What i did/didnt do: After the i finished all the steps in the recipe it let it age...
  3. Cellar Vader

    WE LE18 Barbaresco-Oak/Tannin Recommendations?

    I have had this kit in a carboy now for 3 months after a 8-week EM. I want to cellar this for at least 12 months before I bottle. I am seeking some recommendations for oak and/or tannin additions which could help this Nebbiolo. I have Tannin Riche Extra, as well as Tannin Complex, and have a...