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  1. stasia

    muscadine wine explosion; pls help

    Hello all. Complete novice here. I know next to nothing about wine-making, but I had a lot of muscadines, so I decided to follow a simple recipe for muscadine wine using very basic, non-professional equipment. As per that recipe, I let the wine ferment for a week in one gallon mason jars...
  2. Intheswamp

    New 60' single-wire muscadine tops?

    I just got through setting some 6" posts for a 60' single-wire trellis for three muscadine vines...two Isons and one Noble. I plan on running the wire across the tops of the posts. What I've curious about is how best to protect the end of the posts from water sitting on them and promoting rot...
  3. S

    1st attempt at “orthodox” winemaking

    Hello and greetings from the sunny South I had a good crop of muscadines on my pool fense this year. I made a good bit of jelly and ordered a 6 gal. winemaking kit. I read a great deal, looked around on this site and figured out enough vocabulary to follow along. Question 1- I’ve kept the...
  4. TikiWine

    Mixed fermentation

    So I gave a friend that has around 20 muscadine vines in the back to yard. They said i can use it. The only issue is they don't know which type of grapes they are and that tgereis a mix of red and white. Without knowing how to separate. Is it possible to ferment them all together or would I need...
  5. John Pichnic

    New muscadine vineyard, seeking suggestions

    Hi all, I plan to start a muscadine vineyard. I only have room for 10 plants without crowding them. I am thinking about getting different varieties to produce different wines. I expect some to fail, and some to be undesirable. I'll replace those as needed. They say 40-60 pounds per plant...
  6. M

    Soil improvement question

    I have 5 muscadine vines in my backyard. This is the second full season since I planted them. All but one has been doing well this season. The one that has not been doing well was planted next to an unused private driveway and I believe that the crushed gravel extends further than the driveway...