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  1. J

    Golden Raspberry Mead?

    Ahoy! I have heard that Golden Raspberries are sweeter and less tart than the raspberries you find in stores. However I have yet to get a golden raspberry plant (I also don't know if I can just order the fruit online?) and have never tasted a golden raspberry. Has anyone tasted them and do...
  2. J

    Ahoy! (Here to learn the ways of mead)

    Ahoy! I've made mead before but now I wanna try other recipes than just only using fruits. Like adding spices and such for more complex flavors. I'm still a beginner so if anyone would like to share easy beginner friendly mead recipes please do. Happy Wine Making!
  3. W

    Mead not clearing

    Hi folks! I'm a beginner to all this, but I have a 5 gallon batch of mead that I think is coming along fine. I have also been making country fruit wines and noted the use of Sparkoloid in them to clear them. My mead was pretty cloudy, so I decided to give the Sparkoloid a try. It has cleared it...
  4. tradowsk

    Baking my Bochet

    Last year, I attempted my first bochet in the typical way: caramelizing some honey on the stovetop. I was fairly disappointed in the result which tasted like a slightly richer mead, but there were no caramel or toffee or marshmallow flavors. Posts on this forum mentioned that it's not about the...
  5. tradowsk

    What is floating in my mead?

    So I added about 8 fl oz of hibiscus water (i.e. soaked 0.75oz of dried hibiscus flowers in hot water for 20min, then cooled it to probably 80F) to about 100 fl oz of lingonberry mead, and immediately it looks like something started congealing or something. The mead was already cloudy, SG of...
  6. tradowsk

    Best traditional mead honey(s)

    Once I free up some carboys, I want to make a 2 gallon batch of traditional mead as best as I can. I realize this will be subjective, but I'm looking for interesting suggestions. I like my meads semi-sweet to sweet, so I need suggestions for the fermentation honey as well as the backsweetening...
  7. ringmany

    Can I restart fermentation after adding campden tablets?

    Hi everyone, I decided to start making 'Joes ancient orange mead (Mike's Modern). I added all the ingredients, using D-47 yeast. I then left it, along with another grape mead for 3 months. The grape mead turned out fine...
  8. tradowsk

    "Staggered" Bochet

    I wanted to run an idea by the mead experts on here for what I'm calling a "staggered bochet." Full disclosure, I'm ripping the base recipe from with credit to @Mazaruni. I've also read about a few people trying...
  9. Belzicore

    Possible experiment

    Shout out to any engineering or chemistry majors who also brew My question was, what would happen if you would chain the co2 output of one fermentating batch into the fluid of another? Doing this in series so that each new container has more co2 bubbles flowing through it than the last. What...
  10. tradowsk

    Water in mead

    This may seem a bit odd, but I was in Trader Joe's today and saw bottles of "artisan glacier water" from Norway. It got me thinking about what effect the water used in mead making has on the final flavor profile, since pretty much everyone focuses on the honey flavor profile. So if I were to...
  11. tradowsk

    Adding kmeta to mead?

    Potentially stupid question, but does one add kmeta to mead once fermentation is done and it's gone dry? Or is that just a grape/fruit winemaking thing? I would assume you would want to add kmeta to prevent oxidation during bulk aging, but I haven't been able to find a reference saying to do so...
  12. tradowsk

    White specks floating on top of mead

    I have 2 one gallon batches of mead that I just transferred to primary at SG 1.020 that seem to both have some white particles floating on top (see images attached) Both batches are made from the same 5lb jar of raw clover honey, and I used GoFerm and FermO during primary. One batch is...
  13. E

    Making wine and mead in SW Ontario, Canada

    Greetings. After enjoying reading posts on here for a little while I thought I'd introduce myself. I started wine-making around 1999/2000 when I was a student living on a tight budget. A friend who'd been making wine for years introduced me to it and we made many, many kits together over a few...
  14. H

    Raspberry Mead Inquiry

    Hello all, I'm new to this whole schtick, and was looking for some pointers. I've only made a few batches of mead, one being blueberry and the other peach. The blueberry came out relatively dry and flavorless, but the peach came out quite nice. However, I'm looking for a decent method/recipe for...
  15. N

    Mindermann's Maple Madness

    I've been experimenting with fruit wines and meads for about half a year now, figuring out what makes what tick. Looking to change it up a bit, I decided to head outside and tap some maple trees to make some type of maple mead (Its prime maple tapping season in Minnesota). I've spent enough...
  16. jmac

    Post back sweetening quick mead clarify

    This post has been moved to General winemaking. Buy me, the poster. Because I couldn't figure out how to delete this one.
  17. D

    A good Mead recipe

    Does anyone have a really good Mead recipe? Thanks