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  1. N

    MLF Help/Suggestions!

    Hey all, love the great tips on here. Could use some help of my own. I pressed my Cab. Two days later, I carefully racked my carboys to the neck and I began MLF that day. it’s been just over 2 weeks since MLF has visibly been going on but some heavy sediment has accumulated...should I rack...
  2. F

    yeast comparison- high and low amounts of lees

    I thought of something after a comment on another thread yesterday. I want to play around with those small batches of wine, added complexity from yeast choices, and have been creating a list of what yeasts people have compared. In splitting a kit between yeasts, CellarVader mentioned that 'lees...
  3. tradowsk

    Extended Maceration and Gross Lees

    I'm working on a WineXpert Eclipse Lodi Ranch cab sauv. I'm following this thread to try an extended maceration: https://www.winemakingtalk.com/threads/extended-maceration-eclipse-lodi-11-cab.55098/ I'm shooting for a 6 week EM (currently on week 3) but I'm wondering if I was supposed to rack...
  4. R

    Blueberry wine - Lees in Secondary Fermentation Carboy and other issues

    Hello! I have been brewing a blueberry wine and have recently gone from the primary fermentation bucket to a secondary fermentation carboy (after ten days in the primary fermenter). The fermentation is going along very well, although I am a bit concerned that I waited a bit too long to rack...