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  1. Xlev

    WineXpert Malolactic fermentation kit Chardonnay

    Ok I know this has been discussed before,but I am having a hard time understanding why you should not perform malolactic fermentation with kit wines. As far as I have understood the main reasons seem to be that: - Malolactic bacteria consumes malic acid and converts it into lactic acid changing...
  2. T

    Other Wild grapes vs winexpert

    I'm wanting to make a fast drinking moscato and I'm debating between the 2 brands, on paper they cost the same but I can get the wild grapes on Amazon prime but I'd have to pay ~20 for shipping on the winexpert from a different retailer. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  3. D

    WineXpert Anyone have experience with Winexpert Twisted Mist Limited Editions

    In particular, a couple have been recently released (e.g. Sex on the Beach Wine Recipe Kit & Pina Colada). Generally, these types of kits are not where my interests lay, but i had good luck with this recent dragon fruit lemonade limited release thing. Anyway, people liked it and I'm willing...
  4. Amandolin

    Brown tinge in red blend kit

    I started a red wine blend from a kit a few months ago. I left it in the primary longer than was necessary but otherwise followed all the instructions. I’ve made at least 5 kit wines previously so while not an expert I feel like I avoided any rookie mistakes. It’s been in the secondary carboy...