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  1. F

    Magnotta Premium Merlot

    Hi Folks, I have made a few different Magnotta wines. All are 21L pails of juice, with EC1118 yeast already added. Have made the Cabernet Sauvignon a few times with 1/2kg of sugar to bump up the Brix and 1/2kg of Elderberries and Zante Currants. Turns out pretty well for a table wine. Not...
  2. Rusty Nesmith

    Juice price

    I found a local winery. They don’t sell their own grapes but can get me buckets of fresh juice from a bordering state. I was told around $120 for a five gallon bucket to make Cab Sauvignon. It is just the juice and no skins or fruit. Does that sound good or bad.
  3. tradowsk

    Chilean juice pail tweaks

    I may be getting one or more 6-gallon juice pails of chilean syrah or malbec next month, and I wanted some thoughts on what if any tweaks I may need to do to these to get good quality wine. The grapes are shipped from Chile to a local winery which then presses them and sells the juice at $77 per...
  4. D

    Looking for fruit juice concentrate

    Anyone know where to get 100% fruit juice concentrate for making fruit wines? I've looked into fruit wine bases, like Vintner's Best and the like, but I'm not crazy about the other additives they put in. Just want the juice, in gallons preferably. Kinda like what homewinery.com sells. Seeing if...
  5. F

    PawPaw’s recipe but...

    So my PawPaw was a simple man. Lived on a small farm till the day he died. He used to make wine using the following recipe: 1 quart 100% fruit juice, 1 cup of white sugar and 1/4 tsp of yeast. The anniversary of his death is approaching and I thought it might be fun to use his recipe and make a...

    4th Annual Chilean Juice Workshop

    Come discover the professional tips and techniques for a better wine with your Chilean Juice Pails. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the Chilean winemaking process, and gain insider insight. This year we will also be featuring frozen Spanish must pails. Learn how...