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  1. tradowsk

    Best traditional mead honey(s)

    Once I free up some carboys, I want to make a 2 gallon batch of traditional mead as best as I can. I realize this will be subjective, but I'm looking for interesting suggestions. I like my meads semi-sweet to sweet, so I need suggestions for the fermentation honey as well as the backsweetening...
  2. tradowsk

    Hazy mead after backsweetening

    Last night I backsweetened two 1-gallon batches of mead using local wildflower honey. The honey was filtered and appeared very clear in the jar. The mead was also crystal clear at that point, as I had put some kieselsol in it previously. However, after mixing 1/2lb honey in, the mead became...
  3. rymily

    Strawberry Wine

    We are working on our first batch of wine using the Joy of Home Winemaking as our guide. Recipe: 24 lbs. strawberries (frozen) 12 lbs. honey 6 teaspoons acid blend 3/4 teaspoon tannin 6 teaspoons yeast nutrient 6 Campden tables 3 teasponns pectic enzyme 1 package Montrachet yeast...