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  1. Q

    Source for skins/grape packs and what about raisins

    Hi. I am new to winemaking. I have long wanted to get into the hobby, and the recent lockdown was enough for me to finally take the plunge. I have my first kit started, an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, and now it is in the carboy clearing. That means I have an open primary fermenter. I want to...
  2. Skibum Ben

    Cellar Craft Amarone (1st kit with skins and EM)

    Hello everyone, I am a newb here and will be making my 4th kit in a week or so. It is the Cellar Craft Showcase Amarone. After reading numerous posts on this site I am going to do an extended maceration for ~6 weeks. Below is my plan of attack and welcome any recommendations or suggestions...