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  1. ringmany

    Is tannin needed for fruit wine?

    Hi everyone, I've made around 6 batches of fruit wine in the past, specifically 'Danger Daves Dragon Blood Wine'. I've always used tannin in the recipe, but I'm currently out of tannin and won't be able to get some more for at least a week and it's already been fermenting for around 5 days (The...
  2. Denden5136

    Mycoderma on Peach Wine?

    Is this mycoderma? This is a peach wine fermented in July that has recently developed a white film on top. I added SO2 at 50ppm at the primary, then added 20ppm at the first rack. It has been stable for 2 months and then started developing this one week ago. I did a rack and return and added...
  3. Jalapeño wine second fermentation.jpeg

    Jalapeño wine second fermentation.jpeg

    Using a carboy with a stick on thermometer I rack wine for its second fermentation using a funnel with a strainer to remove fruits and seeds. Only liquid goes into second fermentation. Clears within 40-45 days as long as pectin enzyme is added to the must initially.
  4. Holiday wine.jpeg

    Holiday wine.jpeg

    After making several batches of Cranberry Wines, I discovered adding holiday spices in the must created a new family favorite
  5. M

    Strawberry Wine

    I will be making one or two batches of strawberry wine later this year, as the owner of our allotments went crazy with strawberry plants over lockdown, and has way more than he knows what to do with. He has been freezing them as he picks them and will have more than enough for a couple of...
  6. KnottyKidsFarm

    Multiple stuck fruit wine/cider fermentations

    First time wine maker, first time poster. Please be kind :) I have three stuck ferments. I can't believe all three are stuck as I'm pretty thorough with following instructions and trying to avoid the main causes of stuck ferments. Individual details are below. All are in basement which holds...
  7. D

    Strawberry Port-Style Experiment

    Hi All, Thinking of experimenting with something close to a strawberry port. I plan on starting a normal strawberry wine, and slow-feeding the sugar with EC-1118 to get it to around 18% ABV, and adding just a little red grape concentrate for port style body and color. Just wondering if anyone...
  8. jwkbrown

    To filter or not to filter

    Good day all I have a mango pulp wine that has cleared Beautifuly! My question is should I still filter my wine? When should I filter and when should I not? Is filtering recommended for fruit wines? Thanks for suggestions and help!
  9. enigmaticpea

    Anything I Should Know Before I Wild Ferment with a Makeshift Rig?

    Hello! I'm very new to wine/alcohol making (intentionally, at least), but not new to fermentation! In fact, I've been wild-fermenting fruit for a while now. I recently thought to apply my wild ferment starter (something like how a ginger bug is, but with fruit), as the beginning to a wine...
  10. D

    Red grape concentrate vs frozen juice concentrate

    Hi all, Working on my first blueberry, one gallon. The recipe calls for 1/2 pint of red grape concentrate for body and sweetening. I've seen the 1liter packages at LHBS for around $20, but I am also reading that the frozen cans of concentrate at the grocery store achieves kind of the same...
  11. D

    Looking for fruit juice concentrate

    Anyone know where to get 100% fruit juice concentrate for making fruit wines? I've looked into fruit wine bases, like Vintner's Best and the like, but I'm not crazy about the other additives they put in. Just want the juice, in gallons preferably. Kinda like what sells. Seeing if...
  12. tradowsk

    Fresh pineapple wine question

    I started a 2 gallon batch of pineapple wine at the beginning of July 2018 with ~15lbs of fresh pineapple (without rind). Added white sugar and pectic enzyme and let macerate for a day, then added water and Kmeta, let it sterilize for a day, then added BM 4x4 yeast. Primary went fine, I racked...
  13. D

    Is ageing fruit wine necessary?

    Hi all, Newbie here. Just curious what everyone thinks of ageing 100% fruit wines. I'm about to sweeten and bottle my second ever batch, a peach. My first was a strawberry that turned out pretty good. I liked it straight out of completion. I'm just trying to understand the benefits of ageing. I...
  14. B

    Banana Oat: Messy and Reckless

    I’ve got two approaches to winemaking. One is precise….procedural. The other is “Let’s just throw some crap together and cross my fingers”. This was the latter. I’ve made banana wines in the past. Bananas are cheap - even the organic ones - and it’s fun to watch something that initially...
  15. D

    Holy crap, this is going fast!

    Me again, about my first batch, a one gallon strawberry. I just need someone to tell me that this is not abnormal. Here's the whole timeline: Day 0: mixed all ingredients except yeast. Covered and let stand. Day 1: pitched yeast - 1.065 Day 2: opened and stirred - 1.055 Day 3 - AM: opened...
  16. Pavel314

    Another Sparkling Disaster

    Last year, I made three batches of fruit wine with the intention of producing sparkling wine from them. All three batches were made within a few months of each other, went through the primary fermentation, then were put into Champagne bottles and capped for the secondary fermentation. Having had...
  17. Monty Knapp

    Can I add clearing agent again?

    I joined this forum recently and I'm on my 2nd batch of Dragons Blood wine. That's actually how I found this forum, by searching for more great recipes like Dragon's Blood. Anyway, I've been reading the threads and found some discussion about Dragon's Blood wine developing sediment after it was...
  18. Northerngal

    Fruit of BC Wine Brewlog (rhubarb crabapple blueberry grape)

    To start with: 1800g crabapple concentrate (slowly simmered and mashed crabapples in water) 3000g rhubarb (frozen thawed, chopped) 2300g blueberries (frozen thawed) 2L apple juice (W Family) 1.36L "Blueberry Harvest" juice (Sunrype) 5.44L white grape juice (W Family) 60mL lemon juice "Banana...
  19. MisterHobbs

    MD country winemaker

    Hi, I'm Hobbs. I've started making non-grape wines and blogging about the process here. I'm looking forward to comparing experiences with other winemakers.
  20. C

    Litchi and Longan Fruits

    Greetings, I live in Homestead, Florida and have a grove of Litchi and Longan Fruit trees . Do any one out their have a Recipe to making Litchi or Longan Wines ? Thank you and GOD Bless . Billy T. Hill...