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  1. J

    Fast ferment question's

    I just recently got a 3 gal fast ferment connical fermenter fory birthday. I'm thinking about returning it and getting 3 gallon carboys. I mostly do wines from fresh frozen fruit and I think they produce too much sediment for the connical fermenter to work correctly. What's everyone else's...
  2. S

    Vineco Signature; 23L or 30L fermentation vessel?

    Hi, The instructions on my Vineco Signature Series kit say to use a 30L primary fermentation vessel, but I only have 2x23L vessels; is this ok? I have only made one beginners kit before; it came with 2x23L fermentation vessels, it seemed to go to plan and it tasted... ok. For the next one I...
  3. Meridyth Orner

    NEW Stacking 1000L SS Tanks

    EnoToscano Stainless Steel Stacking Storage and Transport Tanks - 10hL NEW! Never used floor models $3,499 each OR $6.499 for the pair Features: - Stainless steel tanks made in AISI 304 - Bright annealed inside with satin welding - Marble outside with satin welding - 2" TC full drain SS ball...
  4. Dom Lausic

    Racking From Large Fermenter

    Hope everyone is excited for the new harvest! And that your winemaking plans well underway! I wanted to ask how everyone drains their wine from their large fermenters (5 gal buckets don't count...). I have a 200L drum i ferment it, and have used a racking cane to siphon in the past. But...