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  1. Dom Lausic

    2019 Glen Cellars Vintage

    Here are few pics of our first crush of the season! Crushed 8 cases of Merlot & 8 cases of Zinfandel. Very exciting
  2. JimInNJ

    Dornfelder Harvest 2018

    Harvested the Dornfelder on September 22nd, four vines, one in each corner of my little vineyard: My "Italian" Destemmer in action: After Destemming: Crushing: Ready to Ferment: ...One week later... Pressing 1: Pressing 2: After Pressing, before Racking off Gross Lees:
  3. L

    Refridgerating crush before starting primary fermentation

    Does refridgerated wine grape crush harm fermentation? I may have to process my grapes a small amount at a time due to schedule restraints. My thought is to store crush in the fridge as I go and add to it as I pick and process. Then begin primary fermentation adding yeast once all grapes are...