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  1. Fruitwine22

    Bottling for beginners an overview of my learning curve

    When your first wine batch is ready, it’s an exciting moment, one that I remember very fondly. I unfortunately had one batch too many spoil because I didn’t plan the storage of my wines very well. A quick rule of thumb I go by is that after the wine clears I add a small amount of meta sulphate...
  2. K

    Are T-cork,Mushroom cork and unsealed screw cap suitable for few months wine aging?

    Which one is best for preventing oxidation?
  3. D

    750ml Bottles - Green or Clear - $6.99 per case of 12

    Item now sold out
  4. kiljoy

    Corking 101

    Up until this point, I’ve been using screw caps for my wine. I’ve stalled out a bit on the wine making. I plan on starting up again soon and would like to try corking instead. I’ve searched the forum, but still have a few lingering questions. I was a bit overwhelmed with the options...