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  1. Merrywine

    How long does campdon protect wine from bacteria?

    Short story. I had mead bulk aging in a 1 gallon carboy and the solid bung popped out, I don’t know how long ago this happened, but today I discovered it. The fruit flies (about a dozen) were still floating. I smelled the mead and did not detect any vinegar aroma, removed the dead insects and...
  2. M

    Very disappointing taste red grape wine

    Hi everyone, Your input really means a lot to me. I just need some clarification. I have batches that finally survived to 1.000 after a very long journey of cooking up and errors. I racked both into new carboys which eventually ended up with big spaces on the top. The whole story here. I...
  3. JCBurg

    I have a white ring...

    So I have two gallons of the same batch of grapefruit wine. One has developed a peculiar white ring at the top of the wine where it terminates in the neck of the jug. Anyone seen this before? Should I be concerned with it? Is it just some residual fermentation? I ask because the other is clear...