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  1. G

    Is it normal color ?

    Hello, I am new here and it is my first time make Apple juice wine. I was start worry about apple wine color, Is it normal ? Please let me know ASAP. When airlock stop bubble can I pour to 2nd carboy ? ( Before ) 4-23-2020 .................................( Today ) 4-30-2020
  2. C

    Color of Cab @ 3 months aging?

    Just making sure. My Winexpert Lodi ranch 11 cab kit is now aged 3 months. The color is a medium dark reddish purple. See photo. Most cabs I have ever seen have this dark purple color but maybe this is different. Just concerned about oxidation. Is mine pretty par for the course at this point...
  3. MiBor

    Correcting Color of White Wine

    Here is a challenging question for the experts: can white wine be color corrected? The background story behind this question goes like this: distant relative wannabe winemaker makes a 6gal batch of chardonnay from juice. Everything went OK until he decided to dial in the taste before bottling...
  4. H

    Help on Sodium bisulfate

    im making pomegranate wine i have poured the red beautiful juice in a bottle and did all calculation of TA test and sugar so i added necessary water and sugar to it then i add sodium bisulfate for sterilization purpose before adding yeast but it completely changed the color of the juice to a...