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  1. DonnyDarko19

    Purchasing Spring Grapes - Denver, CO

    Hi all, I live in Denver, CO and am trying to find a source for grapes (from Chile, Argentina, etc.) to be shipped here this Spring. So far, I've contacted M&M to see what pricing would be. However, due to the smaller quantities I'm interested in ordering, they only offer 6 gallon buckets of...
  2. Matias

    Hi from Chile

    Hello, Im new here. (im sorry, if my english is not good enough) Ive just started a tiny white wine production made of 60% moscatel/30% torontel/ 10% white italy (22.5 Brix) in the Cachapoal Valley in Central Chile. Ive chosen a wild fermentation way of making this wine, I started 2 weeks...
  3. tradowsk

    Chilean juice pail tweaks

    I may be getting one or more 6-gallon juice pails of chilean syrah or malbec next month, and I wanted some thoughts on what if any tweaks I may need to do to these to get good quality wine. The grapes are shipped from Chile to a local winery which then presses them and sells the juice at $77 per...
  4. G

    Can I blend kit wine and juice bucket wine?

    Example - I have quite a few bottles of Petite Verdot from a kit - 2 years old. If I make a batch of Chilean Carmenere from a juice bucket, can I uncork a few of the Verdots, blend into the finished Carmenere and (re)bottle it?
  5. W

    Medicinal taste in Chilean cab

    Anyone know how to get medicinal taste out of a chilean cab? I added dried elderberries to both this & the Chileaan Malbec but that does not taste medicinal
  6. jburtner

    Chile - Spring 2018 - Malbec - Petit Verdot - Syrah

    Hi, I placed my order today for Chilean grapes from Musto this spring. Three varietals - 6x 18lbs Lugs - Chilean Malbec 6x 18lbs Lugs - Chilean Petit Verdot 6x 18lbs Lugs - Chilean Syrah I'm ordering CSM, D254, and L2056 for yeast and plan to co-inoculate w/VP41 (I have some...

    4th Annual Chilean Juice Workshop

    Come discover the professional tips and techniques for a better wine with your Chilean Juice Pails. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the Chilean winemaking process, and gain insider insight. This year we will also be featuring frozen Spanish must pails. Learn how...