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  1. S

    Cabernet Franc in Southern Saskatchewan, Canada for Ice wine

    Hello everyone I am thinking of starting a vineyard for ice winemaking and for that I think the Cabernet Franc should be the best choice in terms of production in colder weather and the properties it has will be perfect for Ice wine. It would be great if someone can guide me if I am planning...
  2. A

    Adding acid during aging

    I have a cab franc aging right now that’s missing some of the more bright flavors and is a bit pyrazine heavy. I was thinking about adding some acid blend to help it balance. Is it a bad idea to do this after fermentation? If not, how would I go about it - do I just add the acid powder in, or do...
  3. Cellar Vader

    Michigan Cab Franc Grapes

    I am considering my first attempt at making wine from grapes, after now having a dozen kits under my belt. I have been "in love" with Cab Franc for some time now, and living in Michigan, I would think I could get fresh grapes from one of the wineries in the Traverse City area. Does anyone have...