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  1. Wouter

    What's a good process for bringing our plum wine to taste?

    Background How we made our first plum wine batch Last year we moved to a house with a plum tree that treated us generously with ripe and tasty fruit. We froze the leftover fruit (about 20kg) and turned it mid-winter into the beginnings of plum wine. Adding about 12kg (26.5 lbs) of sugar, we...
  2. stian84aa

    Off taste on Eclipse Nebbiolo kit

    Xmas 2018 i set a Eclipse Nebbiolo kit. Today i finally got around to taste it after my holiday and something seems off. Its is pretty good but it got a bit of sour taste. It isnt that strong but it is there. What i did/didnt do: After the i finished all the steps in the recipe it let it age...
  3. A

    Adding acid during aging

    I have a cab franc aging right now that’s missing some of the more bright flavors and is a bit pyrazine heavy. I was thinking about adding some acid blend to help it balance. Is it a bad idea to do this after fermentation? If not, how would I go about it - do I just add the acid powder in, or do...
  4. MiBor

    Adding Lactic Acid to Finished Wine

    This is something I've been thinking about for a while. It's more of an intellectual musing than a practical solution to a problem, but I believe there is something to be gained from sorting it out. I searched the forums and there is not much on the subject, just a mention of it here and there...
  5. M

    High PH in White Wine from Grapes

    Thank you in advance for anyone willing to lend their knowledge! I have about 10.5 gallons of a mix of Chardonel and Vidal Blanc must that has already gone through primary fermentation (.25 brix at this moment) and racked twice. The must is from crushed/pressed grapes grown in Western PA so I...
  6. NCWC

    Tartaric vs Malolatic acid

    I have an acid addition question. I have a Sav. Blanc the pH is 3.65 it tastes great but is flat I already did heat and cold stabilization. I did bench trials 3.30 pH.with tartaric and malic acid. The malic version came out fantastic. My question are, 1. is there a downside to using malic acid...
  7. oversight

    Moldy Fermetor -Super Bleach, Super KMeta

    Well there was a splash of mold in my fermentor and I am making my first wine kit so I didn't want there to be any trouble. I decided against using boiling Hydrochloric acid to sterilize and went for the next best thing... Bleach. Someone here in another thread had a link to a brewtalkradio...
  8. H

    Bench Testing To-Taste

    Okay, I'm relatively new to this "make your own" business. In fact, this newbie is planning his first-ever "real" batch this weekend. Over the past couple of months I've been reading everything I found on two or three different forums, Jack Keller's page, Luc Volders' blog, and countless recipes...
  9. N

    Can REALLY HIGH acid be fixed?

    Hi, First post...think I'm screwed... I've made kit wine before and just tried grapes for the first time... I won't bore you with all the details but basically I just found out the acid test kit I used to test wine acidity had a base solution that was WAY too strong and I've overadded...
  10. Tall Grass

    PH vs Titration ?

    I haven't done any acidity testing yet but after a few 1 gallon 'experimental' batches I'm considering getting an acid testing kit but it seems like the PH strips would be the easier way of doing it. Most of the local brew shops carry the titration kits which are relatively cheap. Now I'm...
  11. rymily

    Strawberry Wine

    We are working on our first batch of wine using the Joy of Home Winemaking as our guide. Recipe: 24 lbs. strawberries (frozen) 12 lbs. honey 6 teaspoons acid blend 3/4 teaspoon tannin 6 teaspoons yeast nutrient 6 Campden tables 3 teasponns pectic enzyme 1 package Montrachet yeast...