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    One day trip to Sanoma

    Will be going to Sanoma for one day 12/8 to visit some wineries. Does anyone have any suggestions on which are the better ones to see?
  2. K

    Juice Buckets in Columbus, OH

    I have used them several times with good success. They have a list of juices 10 red and 5 white 6 gal buckets. Orders must be in by 4/3 and pickup around 4/27. They also sell wine grapes.
  3. K

    Juice Buckets in Columbus, OH

    Juice buckets Mecurio's has juice buckets in Columbus
  4. K

    All in One Wine Pump Giveaway!

    Add me to the list.
  5. K

    Hello from the buckeye state

    Welcome Welcome neighbor
  6. K

    Straight from Central Ohio

    Welcome Welcome from another central Ohioan.
  7. K

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas
  8. K

    Wine testing equipment wish list

    Thanks for all the replies. Lots of good advice. I will probably put on my Christmas list as I need to upgrade what I currently have as the ph meter stopped working yesterday. It would not calibrate. Either needs a new probe or batteries. I need to let the family know soon. Thanks again for...
  9. K

    Wine testing equipment wish list

    I have been making wine for about 8 years. I have always been challenged by the various testing methods and equipment. I have a simple ph meter that I use and have been considering moving up to better testing equipment. I am considering the vinmetrica 300. Does anyone use this equipment and...
  10. K

    Marking Carboys

    I have been using Post-It notes to keep track of my carboys. They move easily to the next one when racking. I add notes with dates about the next steps in the process that need to be done also. This helps me to keep track.
  11. K

    High ph

    Thanks for the reply. I will ferment as is and make any adjustments before bottling.
  12. K

    High ph

    I picked up a Luva Bella Sav Blanc this weekend and the ph was 2.8. Any suggestions? I calibrated the meter and checked some other juices which were all in the 3.2 range. I would like a crisp finish.
  13. K

    Wine Table

    I bought a 6 foot kitchen cabinet and made a wine working area out of it. The center drawer were the sink would go is just a blank no drawer. I built a drawer for the space and use it to store all the long equipment. I bought an 8 ft countertop to put on top.
  14. K

    Glue Sticks

    I use glue sticks for labels because they soak off very easy. Stock up at the beginning of the school year to save money.
  15. K

    How old is too old for a kit?

    I just recently had a problem with a Winexpert kit and wrote the company.. They said 18 months from the manufacture date. I bought a kit 2-3 months after the 18th month and have not been able to get it to produce anything worthwhile. It will be my first kit that did not work out. :po Lesson...
  16. K

    Happy Birthday Wade!

    Happy Birthday Wade!:pty
  17. K

    Need input

    I like all the labels, especially the second sheet. Is this pre-printed paper? As someone asked previously, what software do you use?
  18. K

    Kit vs homemade

    Most of my wine is made from grapes picked locally. I tried my first wine from juice. Still waiting for it to finish. Started with kits and still make one every now and then.
  19. K

    What R you doing today?

    That's the same process that I am currently using. Always trying to make it easier. The key for me to 'easier' would be for the labels to float off after soaking. But, most need additional scrubbing and then some GooGone to get rid of the adhesive.
  20. K

    What R you doing today?

    Danger, nice find on the bottles. Still getting mine by ones and twos from friends. I need to find a better source get more at one time or get my friends to drink more:dg. Especially if the labels are easy to clean off that's a plus.
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