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    Sourcing grapes In larger than hobby amount, but less than pro amount

    Not sure where you are. Michael is great on Petite Sirah. Other stuff is hit and miss. Here’s a couple others that denote if they sell to home wine guys. I’d also watch...
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    Pinot Noir Advice?

    Give it time. In the last couple of years I’ve found it comes around in the 6-8 month mark. Making Pinot can be a roller coaster. There’s a few articles around where Ponsot and Jayer used to not even taste until April because it can be so finicky during the process.
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    Femenation went too fast

    Should be fine, keep the cap wet. If you’re worried, you can pitch the ML culture and put press and seal for the extended maceration. Then you have some CO2 going under the plastic.
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    2018 Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon

    I’ve heard it from where I got my grapes in Clements Hills and also in a Mokelumne vineyard in Lodi. I bought mine from a vineyard that was getting ready to be harvested by Gallo a couple of days later. I think we’ll be able to get it under control.
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    2018 Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon

    I drove up and got some Cab from Lodi a couple of weeks ago. It’s been such a great year that not many dropped any crop. I had 25 brix and the worst case of bell pepper I’ve dealt with to date. I could taste it at crush. I reached out to a few others and they feel the pyrazines are related to...
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