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  1. PAwinedude

    Bladder Press Question

    Looking for some help regarding bladder presses What is the minimum size bladder press needed to press whole grape clusters? thanks Corey
  2. PAwinedude

    Oak spiral plan - please review

    Monitor!!! Have used these spirals on many occasions....Regardless of toast level and type, you need to monitor and taste the wine after the 2 week point. If you leave it for six weeks without tasting your wine will be for thought...
  3. PAwinedude

    Vintners Reilsing wine not clearing help

    Well... Here's the deal.. What the lady at the wine shop is telling you....will eventually work. Unfortunately, not in the timeframe you are seeking. Again, if you added the clarifiers in the correct order....and followed the rest of the directions your wine has too much co2 remaining...
  4. PAwinedude

    Orchard Breezin Advice

    Concur with the above addition.....see if your local wine store has dextrose packs......dextrose tends to give a better fermentation then table sugar....also, dissolve the sugar/dextrose on the stove prior to adding to must...
  5. PAwinedude

    Vintners Reilsing wine not clearing help

    If you followed all the directions in the kit...then chances are, the wine needs further degassing... The wine needs to be in a warm environment to be degassed did u degas? A spoon or whip stir? Anyway...try moving the carboy to a warmer location in your home....if...
  6. PAwinedude

    American Wine Society Pittsburgh Conference - March 4

    Results 12 Gold...48 Silver.....78 Bronze....... I entered three - 2 silver, one bronze Interestingly, of the 12 Gold...11 were Reds.... Good to enter....haven't done so in a while.
  7. PAwinedude

    American Wine Society Pittsburgh Conference - March 4

    Check your email Results are in.....should be in your email
  8. PAwinedude

    My Favorite Equipment

    Or... Go to lowes.....and buy a "leader hose"....they sell 2+ ft section of hose that attach to your water hose reel. You can buy this hose and a cheap multiple function nozzle.....for under 10 bucks.......
  9. PAwinedude

    American Wine Society Pittsburgh Conference - March 4

    Results....Dan can you assist? Anybody get/know the results of today's competition in Pittsburg? I sent some wines but was unable to attend Thanks Corey
  10. PAwinedude

    Get to Walkers fruit basket

    The winemaker at walkers says......great year for Ives, Catawba, Valvin muscat and Cayuga.....Numbers (ph and ta) came out right at 1 and 3 on both. The brix is at least 21 or higher on most everything they have....
  11. PAwinedude

    Get to Walkers fruit basket

    For those of you in PA and NY, Walkers fruit basket in Forestville, NY has 99 percent of all their fresh wine juices still in stock. Also, those individuals in the Finger Lakes area can still get a wide selection of juice at Fulkersons in Dundee NY Was at walkers yesterday.....a ton of...
  12. PAwinedude

    CAB wine BAD SMELL

    Concur.......But! Agree with all that has been said regarding this issue but..... The sulfur smell you are referring to often occurs as a result of yeast that are in a "stressed" environment during primary fermentation. In other words, the yeast aren't working at maximum efficiency...
  13. PAwinedude

    Cheap red kit

    Go With MM Vinifera Noble these kits are a great value.....
  14. PAwinedude

    New Labels

    Wade: the blue won't help... after all these years....that little guy needs a kickstand!
  15. PAwinedude

    Mosti Mondiale Anyone made VN Chianti?

    I would highly reccomend the VN Sangiovese....I added 2 lbs of raisins and oaked it a bit......came out great so far. Will continue to get better too. just my two cents..
  16. PAwinedude

    How many gallons do you make a year?

    Been a great year.... 45 Gallons bottled 36 Gallons Bulk Ageing 23 Gallons yet to make (3 Ports/Sauv Blanc/ & The StrawBerry "O" Project) will have 104 gallons by years end! All ready creating the Strategic Plan for next Year.......One certainty is, I will only be making wine from...
  17. PAwinedude

    Backsweetening Concord

    Catfish, Be careful of rushing to judgment on the taste of your wine while its in the fermentation process. As you are probably all ready aware, it is good to taste your wine during many phases of the process....Unfortunately, right now (during fermentation) the wine is full of CO2 (by...
  18. PAwinedude

    The 37th Annual U.S. Amateur Winemaking Competition Results are in

    Well, Two Bronze and Two Honorable Mentions.... Valpolicella - Bronze Sangiovese - Bronze CRP - Honorable Mention (This was First Place in another competition) Unoaked Chardonnay - Honorable Mention I sent five, but one broke in transit. I wanted to compete in this competition...
  19. PAwinedude

    Hose for Utility Sink

    For those of you who routinely use a utility sink for your wine making operations..... I bought a "leader hose" for one of those portable hose cart/reels...(i.e. the ones with wheels). They are approx two feet long.....and I picked up the cheapest spray nozzle I could find.....So, for less...
  20. PAwinedude

    Adding Chocolate to finished wine

    Sorry Dan, I couldn't resist...thanks for the info