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  1. Ivywoods

    Started blackberry and blueberry from fruit.

    This is the first wine I've started from actual fruit instead of juice. I have 5 gallons of blueberry and 2 gallons of blackberry that I started 2 days ago. The fruit is in mesh bags. I've been stirring and squeezing the bags twice a day . I am wondering if there is a way to keep the fruit...
  2. Ivywoods

    Well...that made a mess!

    I haven't been on this site much for a while. My wine has just been aging in the carboys. I decided to bottle some today to get ready to start some new batches. Why on earth would this happen? It wasn't the neck that broke and it wasn't a screw top. The middle of the bottle broke as I...
  3. Ivywoods

    First crop from the "New Neglected" vineyard

    We recently moved and with our new place came a small neglected vineyard. I did my best to prune the wayward vines and I've now harvested two small crops with one vine that has quite a few red grapes left that are not ready to be harvested. I have no idea what varieties are out there! It's...
  4. Ivywoods

    Uh oh! I made an error on reading my original SG!

    I just started 2 batches of wine 4 days ago. The SG on one was 1.090 and the other was 1.906. The elderberry raspberry is down to 1.046 but when I took another reading of the possum grape wild plum wine the SG now reads 1.24! What the heck? How could that be? It has been fermenting like...
  5. Ivywoods

    Winemaking success!

    I started winemaking last fall and with the help of this forum and YouTube I'm feeling like it's been a success so far. I've made gewurztraminer, wild plum, raspberry, tart cherrynand just started a batch of possum grape wild plum combo. I have more elderberry to make next.
  6. Ivywoods

    How not to make a mess?!?

    We just moved to a different house in an effort to downsize. My winemaking supplies are "Somewhat" organized, but I'm still working on that. Tonight I racked my raspberry lemon and my tart cherry wine. This was the first rack for them. They sat on the lees WAY too long due to the extended...
  7. Ivywoods

    Darn Skeeter Pee!

    I started a 5 gallon batch a while back. I added two bottles of the realemon at the start. It only started to ferment and then stalled. I divided it into two carboys, added water and sugar to dilute the acid and ended up with 11 gallons. It was not doing much and I wasn't sure what to do. I...
  8. Ivywoods

    Southeast Kansas vineyard

    We recently purchased this place with a small vineyard. It's hard to tell from the picture but a number of the vines are dead and the live ones have wayward growth stretching 20-30 feet along the wire. I will be replace a number of them. What is left is most likely concord. I've spent the...
  9. Ivywoods

    Yeast after flavor or "off" flavor.

    This is the gewurztraminer kit that I totally messed up on the beginning. I added a packet of potassium metabisulfate/sorbate when I thought I was adding yeast. I just inadvertently grabbed the wrong packet. Thanks to members of this forum I was able to rescue it after a few days with a...
  10. Ivywoods

    "New" old wine press and jackpot!

    I bought this antique wine press today at a farm auction. Evidently I paid a fraction of what it's worth. I wanted a restoration project that I could eventually use for my wine making. Turns out it doesn't need restored, just cleaned. THEN on the way home I drove past a vineyard I pass...
  11. Ivywoods

    Worst of the worst

    We bought a place with a small backyard neglected vineyard. I've spent many hours this winter learning about caring for the vines.. I'm getting ready to prune the vines. I think I would be better off removing some of the completely. Here are the worst ones. First one volunteer trees...
  12. Ivywoods


    I screwed up big time. I started two batches at the same time. I am totally a beginner, and maybe a little scatterbrained as well. I ordered a winexpert 6 gallon kit of gewurztraminer wine. After making a thick mud of the bentonite I managed to get it stirred and stirred enough that the...
  13. Ivywoods

    Wild plum juice wine.

    A while back my sisters and I got together for a weekend of making jelly. Everyone brought different fruits and supplies. We had jelly coming out our ears and I ended up with 2 1/2 gallons (10 quarts) of extra sand plum juice . We have enough jelly so I want to make wine. I have supplies. I...
  14. Ivywoods

    Old crocks for wimemaking

    Does anyone use old crocks for their primary fermentation?
  15. Ivywoods

    Used wine bottles

    I recently obtained 40 wine bottles. What are your best suggestions for removing labels, adhesive and thoroughly cleaning? Also does anyone use their oven on a low setting to dry them before storage? I plan to store these in a plastic tote until needed.
  16. Ivywoods

    What varieties to plant?

    I recently purchased a home with a small neglected backyard vineyard. I have no idea what varieties are left, but many will have to be replaced. I live in hardiness zone 6B. I am wondering what varieties to plant to make an assortment of different wines. I also hope to have some table, juice...
  17. Ivywoods

    What varieties to plant?

    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a home with a small neglected backyard vineyard. I have no idea what varieties are left, but many will need to be replace. There will be a total of about 20-25 plants. I live in Hardiness zone 6B and would like some advice on what varieties to plant for a...
  18. Ivywoods

    Just bought a home with a small backyard vineyard. I'm looking for advice on varieties.

    I just bought a home that has an old neglected vineyard. I have no idea what kind of grapes are left growing, but they will need sever pruning and many need to be replaced. I will be planting new vines this spring and I am wondering what varieties I should plan to plant. I am in hardiness...
  19. Ivywoods

    Newby here.

    New member here! Merry Christmas! I made 5 gallons of wine many years ago. I'm just getting ready to get back into it.