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  1. jicard

    fermentation lock

    everything i have read today has told me to not use an airlock on initial fermentation. did this cause problems with my yeast or can it actually kill the yeast? i noticed that i am getting some action in my airlock again. when should i take another reading?
  2. jicard

    fermentation lock

    i used blackberries and my starting sg was 1.10. i started with 9lbs of blackberries, 5lbs sugar, 14 pints of water, yeast nutrient, pectic enzyme, and red star matrachet yeast. I combined all of this into my fermenter, put my lid on it and airlock. it took off at first but when i siphoned it...
  3. jicard

    fermentation lock

    I am currently making my second batch of blackberry wine and the fermentation stopped at sg 1.050 this past tuesday. I checked it friday and it was still at 1.050. This is only the second batch i have ever made. friday i put in a yeast nutrient and some more yaest. I am still at 1.050. did i...
  4. jicard

    i must be stupid???

    I have a 2 gallon batch of blackberry wine that is supposed to be done and it is very sweet. the airlock has stopped bubbling for about a week. this past tuesday i had a sg reading of 1.050 and today ihad the same sg reading as tuesday's. last night I added a yeast nutrient and some yeast. it...
  5. jicard

    fermentation lock

    hey everyone! I have only made one batch of blackberry wine and now I am on my second one. I am waiting to finish off a 2 gallon batch of blackberry wine and it has a reading of 1.050. The problem is it has stopped bubbling and has stayed at 1.050 since this past tuesday. Last night I added...