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  1. srcorndog

    Dark spots on young berries

    I spray every 7 to 14 days depending on the rain also I add some malathion or liquid selvin in my spray mix
  2. srcorndog

    Buying a tractor time - what implements?

    I have a little spray rig Little Hercules sprayers I purchased from Chris Whiting | Sales Manager – Spray Innovations PO Box 1158, Grand Island, NE 68802-1158 3724 Westgate Rd, Grand Island, NE 68803 (800) 864-4595 Ext. 602 Toll Free It is a : Model #LH-D12-425E is an electric start unit...
  3. srcorndog

    Heritage SC fungicide

    0.4 oz./1,000 ft.² covers 10,000 ft.² 0.8 oz./1,000 ft.² covers 5,000 ft.² this is the numbers for turf grass usage may be this will help
  4. srcorndog

    Soil Amendment Time

    I like your soil analysis I would have to pay extra for your thorough analysis.
  5. srcorndog

    Fruit Zone Netting Size? Recommendation

    The smaller the net opening the better I use c clips on my side nets with VSP my double Genevia I have to use 14 foot wide good luck !
  6. srcorndog

    Vine disease?

    Do you live in a very cold climate possibly damage from freezing are your vines certified disease-free hope it is not Agrobacterium vitis .
  7. srcorndog

    Honeybees and Vineyard Spray

    I was told your vines don't need bees to pollinate. Anytime you spray Sevin or any of the other insecticides you risk collateral damage I would move your bees to another property. Good luck!
  8. srcorndog

    Final trip

    Must be getting ready for deep snow
  9. srcorndog

    Any geologists out there?

    Or is it slate does it break in layers feel lucky I have granite under my farm rock quarry is 3 miles away part of stone mountain!
  10. srcorndog

    Rehabilitating 40 year old vines?

    My fox grapes are very small bunches but my wild muscadines look exactly like the pictures
  11. srcorndog

    Rehabilitating 40 year old vines?

    Looks like muscadine vine is the skin tough then it is muscadine vines
  12. srcorndog

    Japanese beetle killer

    Here are a few chemicals that will aid in suppression of these bugs.
  13. srcorndog

    Macro Bin Recommendations?

    I have a lot of 5 gallon buckets my vineyard is up and down hills tractor with a trailer with a large bin we unload with a front end loader
  14. srcorndog

    Put up or ? I got myself a vineyard

    Difference men and boys are the price of our toys mine are my stingrays 69 with a 454 restoring now son's 66 mustang 302 built love our builds
  15. srcorndog

    Put up or ? I got myself a vineyard

    Nice shop did you build your own door pulls? They look real cool!
  16. srcorndog

    Whats wrong with my grapes?

    Need to see affected leaves and young stems to help identify
  17. srcorndog

    Chardonnel disease question

    Luna experience is an excellent fungicide 188.00 quart but it works!
  18. srcorndog

    Chardonnel disease question

    All of the chemicals are very expensive! They will store nicely if you have a locked explosion proof cabinet in a cool location.
  19. srcorndog

    Chardonnel disease question

    My preference is Pristine for many different fungus on my grapes