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  1. RedNeckWino

    Hello again....

    Just got moved back to the day shift with the living. Feels good to have the energy to do something after work like make some wine/beer. Have not done anything since duck season ended in Nov.
  2. RedNeckWino

    Blueberries picked

    Took a day off, I could not stand it any more. The Blueberry farm had the open sign out! Took the wife with me and in 2 hrs we had just over 41 pounds of the beautiful little berries. Today was the first day to pick on the farm, and the berries are a touch to the tart side. Guess I will have to...
  3. RedNeckWino

    Harvest time blues

    Wife has been pitting the dark sweet cherries and tarts are ready to harvest. Some of the vines of grapes are ready. Mulberries are ripe. Elderberries are soon to be ripe. Plum's are 3 weeks from ready and the blackberries need picked yesterday. I picked a bad time to start a second job! 50+ hrs...
  4. RedNeckWino

    Grilled chicken

    Had to use the gas grill as the wife has to work tonight. Grilled chicken, with lemon and fresh ground black pepper, mashed taters and green beans. I hate green beans! But the wife likes 'em and the son craves them.
  5. RedNeckWino


    Marinated all in Elderberry wine that went to vinegar on me. Chilled blackberry to have with dinner. A few Morels and leaks on the side. Shrimp chicken pork and beef, onions and tomatoes.
  6. RedNeckWino

    Wedding supply

    I was asked to make strawberry wine for a friends wedding. Not sure about how much to make for say 70 people. Any suggestions? Gonna be dinner with toasting, desert with toasting and dancing with more toasting. Think I will be making concord and cherry to take along as well. But he wants the...
  7. RedNeckWino

    Steaks in cherry wine

    Steak is marinating in tart cherry wine. Italian seasoned, cooked over royal oak. Baked taters with shredded bacon. Light romaine salad, raspberry vinaigrette, Baby Bella mushrooms cooked with green apple slices and leaks. But what to drink? I have sweet cherry, tart cherry, blackberry...
  8. RedNeckWino

    Hurray for warm temps!

    Seen a high of 43* today. So nice to go out side without 10 pounds of outer wear. Too bad the cold is coming back on tuesday. So much for summer.
  9. RedNeckWino

    Filtering Pictures

    Many ask about filtering. I'll start a thread of filtering pictures. Hope a few others can post also. The first one is using pressure to push through a whole house filter. The bucket that is receiving was cleaned and sterilized then filled with co2 to keep down oxidation. Did it with the lid...
  10. RedNeckWino


    So, here we go again. Who is gonna take it, and what are ya toasting the looser with? Go Green Bay!
  11. RedNeckWino

    Filter arived

    My order from Valley Vintner showed up in UPS today. Got the whole house filter. Tomorrow I have to go to home depot and find some 1 micron filters. I have some 5 micron size already, and a few carboys ready for their first filtering. New toys are so fun to experiment with. Hanging new drywall...
  12. RedNeckWino

    Itch to Ferment!

    I have a huge itch that needs scratched. I need to ferment something, but not sure what. 18 gallons siting next to me, started on Christmas Day. 5 empty primaries next to them, and lots of counter space begging to be filled up. Thinking strawberry concentrate.... Suggestions.....
  13. RedNeckWino

    Learning before a contest

    Where can I find a book or video or something that would give a good explanation of what judges are looking and tasting for or anything else that might be judged? I think it would be nice to take a class on this- like how to train the pallet, before entering a contest. I hate to jump in...
  14. RedNeckWino

    clearing juice

    I had a request from a friend that can not have alcohol, but he would like to try some apple pie and maybe some blackberry. I would like to spice up and clear some juice as normal for him. But... without alcohol as a preservative, will potassium sorbate hold back the spoilage and mold? :rdo Hope...
  15. RedNeckWino

    Marinade with concord

    Had a cork pop on a concord for some reason. All the rest are good. Used half that bottle to soak a whole back strap of doe for about 12 hrs., then smoked. Used Apricot and Peach wood to smoke. With the wife's birthday on sunday, I have tenderloins from a pig I shot (archery). Gonna have to make...
  16. RedNeckWino

    Pressing 50# of Cherries

    This is the 1 gallon fruit press I bought on ebay for $20.00. Turned 50# or 8+ gallons of cherries into 5 gallons of juice and 1/3 gallon of skins. Watered to 6 gallons, and starter yeast was just made. Pitching Christmas morning.
  17. RedNeckWino

    Blackberry Merlot

    I am doing 6 gallons of Blackberry Merlot. 3 gallons I added a touch of brandy and 2 oz of french oak medium, the other 3 gallons only got the oak. What to do for the next few weeks......All but one 5 gallon carboy is full, but soon to have 3x 1 gallon jugs cleaned out. The Apple Pie is crystal...
  18. RedNeckWino

    Pinesol taste after clear and sweeten

    Skeeter pee tastes like pinesol. It is crystal clear and was down to .995. Sweetened to 1.015. It is better, but bitter. Tried going to 1.020, no difference. Any suggestions?
  19. RedNeckWino

    Bentonite-How much?

    All I can find in a search on Bentonite is a basic slurry mix and a warning not to add too much Bentonite. much to mix up for 6 gallons? I have been useing isinglass, but hear so much about the other I thought I would try it in skeeter pee that refuses to clear. It is staying kinda foggy.
  20. RedNeckWino

    Smoked chicken and backstrap

    Last nights dinner for 6: 1 Large 4 pound chicken with cornbread stuffing, 1 Fresh (aged 7 days at 36*) Venison backstrap, 1 Vadalia onion, Coat inside of bird with virgin olive oil, salt lightly and stuff. Coat outside of bird and deer with olive oil. Season with red salt and plenty of garlic...