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    The HomeBrewSupply Wine Kit Giveaway!

    Registered. Winexpert™ Eclipse Sonoma Dry Creek Chardonnay Wine Recipe Kit
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    I've made this twice now both times it has turned out fantastic. Getting ready to start a third. Doesn't stick around very long. ateurtrk79, Red Grape concentrate is correct. Use the whole thing.
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    What is best to top off a carboy if I have too much headspace

    Going from primary to secondary I don't worry about topping up. There is still some fermentation going on so there will be a nice blanket of CO2 on top of the wine. After fermentation, if I decide to top up, it is with the same wine from a different batch or something very similar. Most times...
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    Here come the berries

    My wife and kids are going out blueberry picking today and are going to get enough for me to try a batch of wine. I have looked at the abundance of recipes but haven't found quite what I am looking for. Can I take my blackberry recipe and just use blueberries instead? The basic recipe looks...
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    Fortify with Brandy

    I sweetened the wine with simple syrup back up to 1.010 and added a flavor pack. It has been clearing for a month or so now. Planning on racking it tomorrow and adding the brandy then.
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    Fortify with Brandy

    Did some searching and found this link. Not sure what a good final abv would be but I put in going from 13 to 20% as a start. Comes out to having to add 1/2 gallon of brandy. Seems like a lot.
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    Fortify with Brandy

    I have a 6 gallon +1 gallon batch of Blackberry that is done and just sitting there staring at me. I decided that I wanted to play a bit with the one gallon so I went to my local supply shop and asked what they recommend for fortifying a wine. I was handed a bottle of a clear brandy and he...
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    Star Sans / K-meta Pros and Cons

    The fumes from KMeta really aggravate my asthma so I switched to OneStep for my sanitizer. Used it for the first time yesterday on bottles for my peach wine.
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    I use #9-1.75" corks and have had no problems in my double lever corker. I got a floor corker for Christmas and love it.
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    Vacuum Transfer Wine Pump Giveaway

    "Liked" on Facebook.
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    kmeta vs Star San for Wine

    I think I have found the answer to this already with my searching but wanted to ask just to make sure. kmeta really aggravates my asthma. I am ok using it when adding small amounts to my wine, but when using it to sanitize bottles and equipment, I have to step back several times to breath or...
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    Old Orchard Cranberry Pomegranate

    Do I need to add kmeta to this at the beginning? I was thinking about this after buying all of the juice. I wouldn't really need to add any until the stabilizing stage right?
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    Old Orchard Cranberry Pomegranate

    64oz bottles are on sale this week 3 for $5. Gonna grab 12 of them tomorrow. -sg to 1.085 -acid to .6 -kmeta -Pectic Enzyme -Nutrient Missing anything? Any recommendations on yeast? I have a pack of Lalvin 71B-1122 here. Anything else and I will need to run to the local supply shop...
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    Pump Thoughts

    Ok. Works for me. I will go the vacuum route. Was going to head to my local supply shop tomorrow and pick up a couple of those carboy caps and another racking cane. My peach needs a racking this weekend so we'll give it a try. Thanks,
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    Pump Thoughts

    What would be prefered or does it matter? -pump air into full carboy to push wine to empty one. or -vac air out of empty carboy to pull wine from full carboy. Just wondering. I may give one or the other a try this weekend and woundered what peoples thoughts were. I will also keep...
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    Red Haven Peaches

    ~39.6 pounds sitting in the freezer. I may just stick with the 5 gallon recipe so I will have some for an f-pac. Or maybe I'll pick up some more.
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    Red Haven Peaches

    Picked up a bushel of Red Havens last night. Gonna spend some time this afternoon slicing and pitting them then tossing them in the freezer. Kind of a busy time right now so I won't be getting to them till later in the fall. Planning on using the recipe Tom posted but bumping up the amount of...
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    Skittle Wine

    Might have to give this one a try. Sams has 54oz. bags for $6.30. Gotta be careful though, the wife and kids might eat them before I can get them into primary.
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    Apple Cider

    Not sure if I missed it or not. I have started searching and will continue to look but thought I would ask. I am looking for an apple recipe. Apple season is almost upon us. I work in the controller atmosphere industry primarily with apple storage. So very soon I will have access to a LOT...
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    Fall 2011 price list out

    Are these pickup only or do they ship? Almost a 7 hour drive if I wanted to pick them up. Not sure I could convince the wife for that road trip.