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    help with creating a fresh raspberry wine

    I have about 3 to 4 pounds of raspberries about to ripen in the next few weeks and I wanted to find a few recipes. I've found a few here, but wanted to see if anyone ever adds juice(grape concentrate, or whatever peps have experimented with) in order to use less sugar. I only have a 6 gal. and...
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    WineXpert WE Vintners Reserve shirah w/ black cherry

    I'm getting ready to start a WE Vintners Reserve shirah kit. I was at the grocery store and picked up a 32 oz container of R.W. Knudsen Just Black Cherry Juice. It's 100% juice from black cherries. I was planning on adding this 32 OZ bottle to 6 gal kit at primary ferm stage. anyone have...
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    looking 4 sangria base recipe

    I wanted to make an inexpensive Burgundy like wine to use only for making sangria. It's been a long tradition with my friends to spend those 90 plus degree sunny August Sundays by the pool drinking sangria. Nothing fancy at all. Basically what ever fresh fruit sounds good that day(usually...
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    first batch of wine- journal with questions

    I’m 18 days into the wine expert 6 gal French cabernet kit. Here are the notes I’ve taken so far: December 6, 2008- Day 1 - Primary Fermentation • Bentonite(inc. w/ kit) into about 1 gal hot water (boiled). Stired until dissolved. • Poured in juice kit.(inc. w/ kit). • Toped off to 6 us...
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    merry christmas & happy Hanukkah

    just wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm new to winemaking, but have fell in love pretty quick. I've got a 6 gal batch of french cab from the wine expert kit going now. I also have a shirah kit, also from wine expert, that i plan on doing next. Any advise on how to doctor it up? thanks, aaron