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    i neeed some help

    Ok wine bottles aren't cheap and most of us scavenge them from anywhere. Luckily for me there is a place in my neighborhood that is the party spot where everyone drinks and they recycle all the containers so I frequently find odd bottles and today I found a 1800 ml sake bottle. I guess they are...
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    Salmanazar corking

    I was given a really big wine bottle. I dont have it here or I would find out but from size comparison it is either a salmanazar or balthazar. I have a corker for regular bottles but this is much bigger how do I cork this? Do I need a big hand corker?
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    My wine is getting dark

    Hey I have been making wine for awhile but I tried my first batch of strawberry and everything is going great primary went fine secondary went fine now its aging/clearing in the carboy and its turning very dark It started out at a strawberry color light red and now it is darker than blood I'm...