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    Australia Online Liquor Store

    Searching for Online Liquor Store in Australia? Webcellars offers Champagne, red wine, white wine and more of wine selection good for wedding anniversary, fathers day present and other exciting celebration. Webcellars offers a wide selection of all types of wine, updating products from time to time.
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    Other Vino Europa

    :br, at least you tried. I don't think you made an awful wine, just that its not mature enough. Haven't aged yet. Consider leaving more days and months.
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    Concentrate equivalent?

    Have heard California, red grape concentrate is traditionally made from the Rubired, Salvador and Royalty varieties and provides coloring in many juice drinks. Has a concentrated sweet syrup, so probably you'll be making a sweet strong wine.
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    grape pails from midwest supplies

    If it are frozen, can be that it are not good anymore? I just tasted a home made red wine from a friend, two types and taste really good. Will have to ask how he do it though.
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    when to bottle???

    Is it red or white? there are different durations for a wine to mature. Different aging level.
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    Re-bottle? (due to sediment and not enough degassing)

    I think its better to keep the wine in the bottle and search for filter. The taste might spoil if you transfer. And don't uncork.
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    Book for Beginners

    This is what I like with e-books as you can find plenty of them for FREE. :D Thanks anyway for putting your time in posting and sharing this valuable links full of information. :re
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    Old wine... safe?

    So, how's it taste Gabey? Anyway, if you were to ask me, my simple answer is you drink it. The wine has alcohol and it keeps bacteria and other nasty things from growing in it. Still, even the wine is ruined, it won't kill you, it'll just taste like vinegar. My conclusion is you're not...
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    Wine Drinkers Tend to Be Healthier

    I do agree that that MODERATE wine drinkers have healthier lifestles. But take note with the word "moderate" --> not too much. :h “Importantly, the findings showed moderate alcohol consumption is a powerful general indicator of optimal social status, and this could be a key reason for...
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    Started my blueberry

    My friend and I are planning to start making blueberry wine sooner and glad I found this list as basis. ;)
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    Where do you enjoy your summer?

    We are still planning to go somewhere next week to unwind but don't know the place yet. But I'm hoping we could find similar to this place. Very relaxing. :pic
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    What to Blend with Blueberry?

    Haven't tried fruit wines but my aunt love to experiment. She tried Blackberry-Raspberry and mulberry-blackberry wine.
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    good day to all!

    I like any white wines but not all red wines, depending on my taste bud. Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :b
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    A real man

    I'm so right... just like I thought, Real Man never exists. lol:h
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    Joke of the Day

    :h ahahhaa. that's is funny.. you will surely be broke after buying those expensive gadgets. :slp
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    good day to all!

    Hello fellas! Another newbie here and just would like to extend my warm hello to you all! I joined simply because I love wines, it tastes good!... well, see you around. :sm