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    magnesium sulfate / epsom salt

    A Lady at the wine makers store sold me some epsom salts ( magnesium sulfate ) ,its supposed to get the fruit to break down better ( I think) . Is anyone familiar with this ?
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    Common Terms

    I have bought 4 gallon buckets with lids from Dairy Queen. $1.75 .They are food grade and DQ gets them with the syrup /juice they add to their treats ! I cut a round hole in the top and inserted an airlock in. Then taped the edge of the lid with duct tape..
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    Tips on racking, please

    I just got a piece of plastic tubing from my local auto parts store ,and fit it over the end of my liquid extractor ( also from an autoparts store $9) I attached a wire the size of coat hanger wire to the bottom.. I used about 6 inches of wire and with cable ties ,also from the auto part store...
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    When to add bentonite ?

    Thanks for all the good advise .I put 2 pounds of strawberrys in a blender ,then into a container with yeast, sugar and water .. I put a fish aeroator in for 6 hours ,then sealed it except for an air lock.. Three days later I opened the lid and with a funnel and 2 cup measuring cup, I filled 2...
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    When to add bentonite ?

    Thank's ,I noticed after transferring it into bottles .the sediment lands on the bottom and leaves the top very clear.. When "racking " do you always pour the wine into bottles ,or do you use a large container /. is it still fermenting after the first racking ?
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    When to add bentonite ?

    Do I add the bentonite along with the fruit I first put in the initial fermenting crock ? Or is it added after I do the first racking ?? I don't see directions on here ,but I did a search .. This is my first day on here .. Any advise will be great .. !
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    I'm giving wine making a try.

    I'm new to drinking wine, but having tried it a few weeks ago I find it pouts my Covid stress behind me .. All I hear for 20 months s negative, now I Don't care !