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    How much sugar to increase SG

    How much sugar (per gallon) do I need to add to increase the SG by .006?
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    Need source for bulk quanities of NaHO

    I live in the northwest corner of California's share of the Great Mojave Desert. Just about 160 miles due north of Los Angeles. To give you an idea of remoteness, the nearest shopping mall is a 75-mile drive. Anybody know a source for bulk NaHO 0.2N solution without having to pay double or...
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    Is alcohol content additive?

    When I started my pomegranate wine a while back, the juice went into self-fermentation while I was out of town. I had no idea what the starting numbers were. When I returned home, the air-lock was boiling. According to my son, it had run that way for at least two days. by the time the fermenting...
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    Other Chardonnay going in wrong direction

    Hi all, If this is posted in the wrong place, please advise me. I started 5-1/2 gal of wine using "Alexander Sun Country" Pinot Chardonnay concentrate. Since this is my first attempt with this product, I decided to follow "Alexander's Method" to the letter -- as printed on the label...
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    Tiny bubbles... the wine. Makes me feel fine. (Don Ho) It is interesting to see the bazillion itty-bitty bubbles creeping up the side of my secondary as the yeastie critters do their thing in my pomegranate. :h:h
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    Pomegranate Progress

    Day - 14 [following restart. See posts regarding Pom Problems] Racked from primary fermenter into 5-Gal carboy SG - 1.037 pH - 3.36 TA - 1% T - 74(F) Subjective: sweet (expected), no bad odors/taste, strong pink color(not red) The wine is fermenting nicely. Activity picked up a...
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    Pomegranate -- ??problems??

    Here’s the background. I’m not by any means more than just a beginner at this wine stuff. I’ve got a couple of kits behind me along with one batch of so-so pomegranate wine that was rated at “rustic” by the wine chef at the Cordon Bleu culinary school Las Vegas. This year, my son and I...
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    What is special about 1.020SG?

    I did a wine kit that said the first racking should be anytime after the SG went to 1.020 or lower but NOT (their caps) before. What's magic about 1.020SG? Casey
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    Help Please!!!

    I've tried uscuccessfully twice to post in the Fruit Wines area. The post is 382 words long and does not contain any special formatting. I guess my questions are: Am I authorized to post there? Why not? or, what do I have to do to qualify Am I...
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    Hello all, How long does it take for a new thread to appear? I posted one yesterday