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  1. She’sgonnakillme

    Huckleberry Skeeter Pee

    Ok, new to the idea of making SP, but have been watching the threads with interest. I am particularly interested in the @hounddawg recipe using Everclear. So last summer I bought my wife a bottle of this huckleberry daiquiri mix and it has been sitting on the shelf at our lake house untouched...
  2. She’sgonnakillme

    Which flex tank to buy?

    I’m gonna get myself a 15 gallon flextank, but they sell two versions. , “maturation” and a “heavy” version…which one should I buy? I cannot seem to find any info on the two
  3. She’sgonnakillme

    Mosti Mondiale 2022 LE Mosti Meglioli kits

    Anyone seen that the 2022 LE Mosti Meglioli kits are now released? Texas Brewing is the only one of two distributors in the US, but WOW are they expensive this year!!! $229 + shipping!!!😳
  4. She’sgonnakillme

    Drunk chickens

    Ok, so I have a question…I am wondering (outside of them getting a possible buzz) is there any reason to not feed my chickens my spent skins after pressing?
  5. She’sgonnakillme

    Opinions on Vented Carboy Hoods

    Looking at moving to vented bungs and the new Carboy Vented Hoods caught my attention. Anyone try these? Would love your opinions
  6. She’sgonnakillme

    Time to press or inoculate?

    Forum, I need some help as I am in the middle of using my first frozen must pail (Cab Franc, I have always just made kits in the past)and I am getting conflicting timing information on when to inoculate with the MLF. Wine grapes direct who sells the must say’s to ferment to dry, then press...
  7. She’sgonnakillme

    Other RJS RQ21 Muscat

    Hey all, just letting everyone know that Home Brew Ohio has the RJS RQ21 Spanish Muscat “the Chariot” on clearance for $99 delivered! 5 left last I looked. 1/2 price on a RQ
  8. She’sgonnakillme

    Other Barrels vs Carboys for bulk aging kits

    I am pondering the purchase of a 20L oak barrel. I have never used barrels, always glass carboys. Wondering if this community has any recommendations to help me decide. Are they easy to use? Is there specific things that are required to clean? Will it yield a nicer kit wine? Thanks for the help.
  9. She’sgonnakillme

    Other If you had one yeast for bold reds

    Ok, been making wine for a while and just now came across this site(wow, am I thrilled!!). So many questions that I’d like to ask of so many of you, but I’ll start with this one. I pretty much only buy premium kits (RJS RQ and EP, WE PR, Mosti Meglioli and Masters and now FWK Forte)...