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    Long Island Homebrew website?

    Anyone had success ordering from this company? I placed an order over a week ago and nothing has happened since. I tried multiple times to contact via phone and email and they have not responded to anything. Super poor customer service.
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    Other top F-pack ideas?

    Let me start by saying that I totally understand that this is a very open question with a lot of potential answers. That being said, I'm wondering if folks on here have their favorite "go-to" F-pack creations that they normally use to flavor/enhance red wines prior to bottling? Not an F-pack...
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    Press for skins?

    Does anyone know of an affordable and effective press that works for squeezing the last bits of goodness from wine skin bags (post fermentation)? I'm not looking for something big or strong enough for pressing juice, just enough for skin packs. Or a "life hack" that doesn't involve a...
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    juice suppliers in Texas (San Antonio)?

    Howdy, Anyone know of some wine makers or distributers in Texas, preferably the San Antonio area, who sell non-concentrated juice for wine making? It would be nice to find a brewer or supplier to purchase juice from when it's in season. Appreciate any recommendations! -B
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    Wine Kit - clearing & aging?

    Before someone smokes me for not doing more research, I've already spent hours reading through previous posts. I'm not completely new to forums and totally understand that people get upset when newbies don't use the search button. Trust me, I totally understand. Please have some mercy on me...