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  1. crazcudler

    Boosting the flavor of my Fresh Fig Wine

    I made a Fresh Fig wine recipe using this recipe Fig Wine Recipe FIG WINE MINIMUM EQUIPMENT: Large food grade-quality plastic or earthenware crock (primary fermenter) 1 or more clean narrow-neck glass jugs (secondary fermenters)...
  2. crazcudler

    Fresh Fig Wine

    Does any one have a recipe they would share for Fresh Fig Wine that has turned out good? Thanks :)
  3. crazcudler

    Newbie odd question

    I just stabilized and back sweetened 2 separate gals of wine, they ended up being over a gal each so they wouldn't fit back into 1 gal carboys, will they be ok in a 3 gal until I bottle or should I put a gal back into the 1 gal and just do whatever with the rest of it?
  4. crazcudler

    New wine Maker SG at 1.050 should I bottle?

    So on May 27 I started some wine made from welches 100% White grape peach frozen concentrate and because I didn't know any better at the time I started off with a SG of 1.12 have racked 3 Times and the last 2 times my SG has stayed at 1.005 how much longer should I wait to bottle? The wine is...