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  1. dcbrown73

    Corks drying out

    Hey all, I pulled some 2 year old wine I bottled a year ago out and when I've been trying it and I've noticed that the corks are drying out at least in the upper portion of the cork. I've left them laying on their side this whole time and I'm not sure how to prevent this as I suspect the...
  2. dcbrown73

    Cedar Closet

    So I'm looking at buying a house and the house has a cedar closet in the basement. It's decent sized too. Everything tells me this is not a good place to store carboys due to the smell of cedar. If I can smell it, it could impart flavors on the wine I would suspect. Thoughts?
  3. dcbrown73

    WineXpert Limited Edition Chardonnay / Chenin Blanc

    Anyone else order this Wine Expert Limited Edition Chardonnay Chenin Blanc blend? I just received notice from Label Peelers that it arrived and has now shipped. I really wanted a straight Chenin Blanc, but damnit. Those have been difficult to find in stock. I ordered this one back in early...
  4. dcbrown73

    Cherry Port

    About a year ago, I started a Cherry wine. (Actually, a Cherry Chocolate Walnut wine) I said I wanted to convert some of it into a port with cherry brandy. So, I went to the store and all they had were Cherry brandy that were over $20 a bottle. I asked if they had anything cheaper (cause...
  5. dcbrown73

    Cherry Chocolate Port

    So, my Cherry Chocolate Walnut wine is right at six months old now. I want to bottle it around nine months old, but I want to make at least half of it into a Cherry Chocolate Walnut port. I've been reading a lot of stuff about making a port, but not everything I've read jives with each...
  6. dcbrown73

    Grapes / Juice pails purchasing

    So, I want to make my first wine from grapes (or at least juice pails) and I was reading on a place that sells them nearby. We have frozen must from our 2011 through 2015 premier grapes. The grapes have been crushed, de-stemmed, nitrogen purged, cold soaked and then frozen. This is a top...
  7. dcbrown73

    RJ Spagnols Best place to purchase RJS kits

    I'm looking at picking up the Cru International South African Chenin Blanc, and the Primeur Winery Series Italian Viognier for my white wines this year. I purchase most of my kits from LP as they usually have great deals and shipping prices making it the best place I've found to purchase the...
  8. dcbrown73

    WE Barossa Shiraz and Lodi Zinfandel

    So, I racked and dosed both today. (started Shiraz, March 2016, Lodi Zin June 2016) With plans of bottling probably this weekend. I love big jammy wines like Zin and Shiraz, but I have to say. The Shiraz was tasting more Merlot than jammy Shiraz. It just doesn't appear to be meeting my...
  9. dcbrown73

    Mango, Pineapple, Lime Wine

    I was going to make another batch of DB for this year. Then I decided to split it and make two different fruit wines using my 3 gallon carboys as it saves my 6 gallon carboys for other grape wines. So DB is DB, but I've already started the Mango, Pineapple, Lime wine, but haven't pitched...
  10. dcbrown73

    Ultrasound Waves Turn Wine into Something Better

    I saw this and found it interesting. Age your wine in days rather than years? hah. Not sure what to think about this. Below is a link to an article at Discovery Magazine's blog. Ultrasound Waves Turn Wine into Something Better
  11. dcbrown73

    Purchasing wine online

    So, I've been purchasing wine online from time to time to get wines I just can't find locally. I purchase from a shop in New Jersey from time to time and I went back to purchase some wine recently and the website said it cannot ship to Connecticut. I've purchased wine from here several...
  12. dcbrown73

    Wines from grapes

    I have a place not far from me that can get the grapes and will even crush them into a bucket for me. (I don't own any from grapes equipment) They said I can bring buckets or buy them from them. When they crush it, the skins will be in the bucket too correct? I don't have a wine press...
  13. dcbrown73

    Cherry Wine Base

    All my six gallon carboys are in use, but I have five three gallon carboys that seem extremely bored doing nothing. Time for smaller batch wines! I've ordered a Vinter's Harvest cherry wine base. It says it makes five gallons of wine which is more than I wanted to make, but figured I would...
  14. dcbrown73

    WineXpert Bravado Super Tuscan

    So, I started making this one two weeks ago and last week when I pumping it out of the primary into a carboy. Oh boy! That was a tough job! It had so much "crap" floating in it it continuously jammed up my siphon. I will say that I just switched to a metal tube that isn't an auto-siphon...
  15. dcbrown73

    Gifts from my girlfriend

    So, I received some gifts from my girlfriend yesterday. Clearly, she knows me well. Wine, finger foods (especially peppered salami!), hand-made wooden boxes, and cartography. She profoundly talented as she makes hand-made decorative wedding / party finger foods as a business. Apparently, she...
  16. dcbrown73

    Doubleback 2014 Stolen Horse Syrah

    I just received an offer to purchase a 3-pack at $48 per bottle. I really enjoy the Doubleback Cab/Sauv. Has anyone tried this wine? Opinions? Is it worth $48/bottle? I think I'm up for picking up three. Trying one and bury the other two in the bottle of my cellar. (ie, my spare...
  17. dcbrown73

    Long term bottle storage without massive wine racks

    I'm currently in an apartment. I have wine racks to store around 80-100 bottles, but with my winemaking taking off and my personal wine collection sizable on it's own. I'm looking for a way to store wines in some type of wine case. (I have already bottled two six batches and expect up to 7-8...
  18. dcbrown73

    nomacorc vs cork

    So, I was looking at corks. I have the premium 1-1 corks (says 4-6 years), but I was looking at the website and I see these nomacorc. They say they are good for 10 years. Of course they don't look very nice though. What is your opinion of cork choices?
  19. dcbrown73

    Understanding Wine Recipes

    So, I've been browsing this site of recipes. It doesn't actually tell you the volume you're making most of the time and how exactly do you know so you can multiple accordingly? I figured I would look at the water usage, but that is...
  20. dcbrown73

    WineXpert Eclipse Washington Columbia Valley Riesling

    I couldn't figure out which kit to start next, the Eclipse Merlot, Cab, or the Riesling. I finally decided on the Riesling. I figured I've already got two reds going and a single white. I will make it even and have two whites then I will do the two other reds I have sitting in the closet...