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  1. EngineJoe

    changes in taste with aging...?

    This is encouraging. I just tasted my RJS Cru Select Aussie Shiraz for the first time (today was the post-stabilization racking, heading into bulk storage) and it was much like Paul described... grapey, some alcohol. Nothing too integrated or at all complex. Nowhere near as good as the...
  2. EngineJoe

    RJ Spagnols 911, I think?

    I always like to tell people new to fermentation: yeast is fungi! So yes, it will kinda remind you of mold (mold and fungus of course being different things -- but they're similar to the layman).
  3. EngineJoe

    Is this wine OK?

    Yeah, based on the description, all sounds OK, assuming (as others said) you've degassed. Since you added stabilizers, you won't have any renewed fermentation... and thus no bubbles. If it tastes like green wine, that's OK -- because that's what it is!
  4. EngineJoe

    hurry up and wait

    I actually like to ferment my ciders/apple wines cooler. Yes it takes longer, but I like the profile a lot more. I ferment at say 55* -- and just let it ride. I find it retains a little more of the character of the specific apple varietals I use.
  5. EngineJoe

    What's your favorite grape wine?

    Good question, and difficult to answer. I have wide tastes... but if I have to name one grape wine... the first wine that made me set the glass down and marvel was a Brunello de Montalcino. And any bottle I've had of the style has performed wonderfully. Shame they're so expensive! I sure...
  6. EngineJoe


    I think these wines actually could benefit from some labeling laws...
  7. EngineJoe


    I'm sorry, can you clarify what you mean by "whip"? Because I've heard the "drill mounted rod" version of degassing referred to as whip degassing. Are you saying not to do that -- and if so, are you also implying that the only way to properly degas is either time or vacuum? Because that's a...
  8. EngineJoe

    First Brew

    I certainly advise it to my customers when they buy those Coopers kits. You just can't be confident as to how it has been treated. A good Safale yeast (US-05 for clean American characteristics, US-04 for more British nuttiness) would be good insurance. No stirring after pitching. Leave it...
  9. EngineJoe

    RJ Spagnols Oak Spirals

    Just a thought: what about steaming it briefly? Wouldn't lose tannins/character to the water, but would provide 212F of heat to sterilize.
  10. EngineJoe

    Wait to bottle

    Indeed not - they say add stage one, stir vigorously for one minute, then add stage two. If an hour would be better, this would be good to know for future reference!
  11. EngineJoe

    I added way to much yeast .now what?

    Overpitching is theoretically possible, but practically VERY unlikely for the home brewer/winemaker. You'll be fine.
  12. EngineJoe

    First Brew

    CLose ferment with an airlock. This is not wine! :D As for the hop matter, just pour the wort (preferment beer) you boiled (water/extract/hops) through a sanitized strainer. That will catch most of the pellet material. you might want a sanitized spoon on hand, as the pellet matter can clog...
  13. EngineJoe

    Red Wine Champagne

    It can explode. Will it? Who knows. Want to find out? I'm guessing no! Put it in the fridge. That will slow down or stop any fermentation of that sugar (depending on the yeast strain). Handle it carefully with goggles and gloves. Open it in the sink when you go to open it. P.S. FYI -...
  14. EngineJoe

    First Brew

    Right. :db Again, just make sure you have your full five gallons before you add the yeast. Top off with water if you need to (better to use filtered water at this point; you don't want chlorine in there. The boiled water will be OK because the chorine will evaporate, but any used to top off...
  15. EngineJoe

    First Brew

    Do not boil a no-boil kit. They are designed to not be boiled!!! Since the hops are already in the extract you are using, additional boiling will impact the aromatics and bitterness in your brew. If you are adding additional hops and extract, those need to be boiled. I would boil them...
  16. EngineJoe

    Measurements, buckets, carboys, and you...

    Yeah, I zeroed out my scale to take the cup out of the equation. This is what Tim at Winexpert recommends people do for their kits in their "introductory" video. It's a good idea, but of course if your secondary is a 23L Italian glass carboy, then it really is more like 24.75L. Which means...
  17. EngineJoe

    I can't get down with the white kits

    Thanks for the info on the "kit" effect. Glad to know it clears. Have fun with the all-grain! After the first couple of times, when you're just trying to keep track of all the steps, it gets to be a lot of fun. As for the extract "twang", it comes down to oxidation. How noticeable it...
  18. EngineJoe

    next kit=shiraz

    I just made the RJS Cru Select Platinum Aussie Shiraz. Pretty green at this point, but had a decent character and aroma (actually, about as nice as the shiraz I topped it off with). This is VERY young, so I can't really honestly judge it yet, but I am encouraged.
  19. EngineJoe

    Do you fill our carboy with argon gas before racking?

    Be careful with the sanitized marbles route if using glass carboys. You don't want to drop them in there (whether full or empty) and have them crack or chip the carboy bottom. It's a great strategy for cutting headspace without topping off, but just be smart.
  20. EngineJoe

    Hi there from Seattle!

    Hi Joe - I help out at Bob's. I know a few of the guys from the Boeing club who come into the shop... though I imagine you shop at Larry's down in Kent seeing as you're in Auburn!