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  1. KristopherSmith

    Starting a winery with kit wines?

    Does anyone believe it is possible to start a winery using kit wines? I have made several kits, and they turn out quite good. I am wondering, because this can help take time off of the capital outlay and recovery of that capital by shortening the process. I would obviously transition to the...
  2. KristopherSmith

    Licensing and requirements

    Does anyone have experience (hopefully in Michigan) with licensing to be a small winemaker? I have a pretty nice set up in my basement, but don't know if it is possible to license as a small winemaker if I am producing out of my home. I am looking to be able to sell my wine. Thank you!
  3. KristopherSmith

    Good afternoon from Northern Michigan!

    Hello, My name is Kris, and I am currently an Accountant for a defense contractor in Northern Michigan. I enjoy my work, but find wine making to be a fun and fulfilling activity. I hope to put my business degree to good use, and work toward becoming a full time vintner. I am 35...