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    My new Plane

    Oh, you shouldn't have shown that. I love the Corsair. Must....resist....temptation!
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    Southwest Michigan

    Bob, Try Warner Vineyards in Paw Paw, they're just about a block north of St. Julians. Nice variety there. Also, Karma Vista in Coloma has a nice variety.
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    1.5's 750 and splits? Oh my!

    I'll typically use 3 1.5 liter bottles and bottle the rest of the batch in 750's.
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    Easy Peesy

    So, my first batch of Pee is well under way. I followed the "Easy Peesy" Triple Berry recipe and instructions. For back sweetening, I'm thinking about using 3 cans of lemonade concentrate and 2 cans of Blueberry-Pom concentrate. Any thoughts???
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    Thanks Lon. It wouldn't be anything too crazy. Mostly frozen concentrates.
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    I'm going to be playing around with some one gallon batches of experimental wines. Would I be able to use the slurry from one of these batches to start a full size batch of pee??? Thanks!
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    Hello from Grand Rapids, Mi

    Hey Mark, good to see you here. I'm over in Zeeland. Lots of good information out here.
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    WineXpert Chocolate-Rasberry Port Started

    Thanks! I have the Chocolate/Orange in the clearing stage right now. I think these are going to be nice sippers for those cold winter nights. Good thing we have some commercial Raspberry Port to hold us over this weekend!!
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    WineXpert Chocolate-Rasberry Port Started

    I just made the kit following the directions. I'm not really sure about the ABV. Didn't take close enough notes!! It's a little young right now. I'll have to put it on the shelf for a little while before I pop a cork!
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    WineXpert Chocolate-Rasberry Port Started

    I just bottled my Chocolate Raspberry last night! Below are a couple of photos. These are before I rinsed the bottles to make them look a little better!
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    Cork Humidor

    What would all y'all think about using a covered 5 gallon pail? I have some that I got drywall "mud" in at one point. I could clean and sanitize one of these and then have an airtight container. Would this work??? Thanks
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    starting in Michigan

    Yep, we used to be just west of Allendale, but moved when our daughter (now 16) started school. We used to get out to Sam's Joint in Lamont fairly often before we moved!
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    starting in Michigan

    I'm not too far from you. I'm in Zeeland!!!
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    WineXpert Chocolate-Rasberry Port Started

    I just started mine last night. A little bit of action this morning. I'll have to see what's going on when I get home tonight!!!
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    That's where the old "MOG" (Matter other that Grapes) comes from. Check your commercial wine labels. You may see that listed on there!
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    Anyone tried this before?

    I know that Black Star Farms used to have a pear wine with a whole pear in the bottle. I looked at their web site and didn't see an picture of it. From what I understand, they'd go into the orchard and place a bottle over a bud in the spring and let the pear grow inside the bottle. When it...
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    Wine Making Limits

    You may want to check your state laws as well. I thought there was a limit here in Michigan of 50 gallons, but I can't find the statute on the state's web site.
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    RJ Spagnols 2 New Batches

    Wade, Do you have a recipe for the Blueberry Melomel? I'm thinking about making some, so a recipe would be helpful! Thanks
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    New here from MI

    Luc, As you can probably tell, I'm Dutch by ancestry! We're in the middle of Tulip Time in the Holland, MI area right now. Saw the Klompen dancers and ate a little junk food tonight. Most of the bergs in our area is named after areas there. Holland, Zeeland, Zutphen, Oakland...
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    New here from MI

    Welcome Tophe! Where in MI are you from. I live in Zeeland and work in Holland! YOO HOO! Tulip Time is great. OY! I have to get a life.