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    Disease identification

    Wow, guys thanks so much for your responses!! I just did some searching and my understanding is a 'sticker' is an additive to help herbicide, fungicide, etc work better??? Is that correct? Sorry again for my complete ignorance on the subject. Next question is does anyone know if local Lowes...
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    Disease identification

    Hey thanks so much for your reply, I will look into the two products you suggested! As a follow up here is another pic just one day after the first. Seems like it has gotten much worse really quick. I'm just afraid it's all going to go really quick...
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    Disease identification

    Hello all, Thanks so much for a place to learn so much about the vineyard process! Backstory: I purchased a home 2 years ago with 4 vines in the back yard, largest one about 2.5 inches in diameter at the base. I have no idea what type of grape they are or any information as to how they were...