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  1. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    Low initial specific gravity

    So I'm on my second wine kit, identical to my first (which turned out really well), it's a Chardonnay. But with the second kit, the initial specific gravity was low (about 0.9 when it should have been over 1.05). I added sugar to get it up to where it should be, but my question is, why would...
  2. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    Topping up help

    Hi all, Tomorrow I'll be stabilizing and degassing my wine and the clearing will be the day after (following the kits instructions). The instructions also say to top up with a similar wine after the clearing. I don't want to have to buy a similar wine to top up my kit. That will double my costs...
  3. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    First Batch Temperature Question

    Hi, I've just started my first batch of wine ever! It's a Chardonnay wine kit from Costco. I started my primary fermentation on Monday, June 25th. Everything is going well so far, getting bubbles in the airlock, but I have a dilemma.... I have to go away this weekend for four days and an...