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  1. Chris Mellor

    Orange wine - pectinase or not?

    Hi I’m wanting to make 10l orange wine from whole fruits. The recipe says to put in zest, peel fruit and remove pith, then mash in a bucket. Add boiling water and leave for 5 days (stirring occasionally). The recipe doesn’t call for pectinase to help with juice extraction but, I guess more...
  2. Chris Mellor

    Stones with or without - cherries?

    A question... Should the stones be removed from cherries or not? I’ve seen a few different recipes for between 2kg to 3kg for a gallon. But some leave the stones in, others ask for their removal. Now, as much as I find pitting cherries as cathartic as the next person, that’s a lot of...
  3. Chris Mellor

    Cabbage wine? Anyone tried?

    So - I received my copy of "130 "new" Winemaking Recipes" by CJJ Berry today... Lots of interesting projects to make but one did particularly stand out... Cabbage Wine Now - I really don't know what to think of this... Has any one tried it? What was your feeling/thought/opinion etc? Of...
  4. Chris Mellor

    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Good day to you all:) I've just started wine making after many years of not wine making. I used to make it (from cheap kits) more than 30 years ago (wasn't very good though). Now I have (limited) time and to be honest, a little more resource and a better sense of taste... I've taken up the...