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    Add Water or Not?

    Back after a long pause in production hahahah So a buddy of mine and I were talking about how we make our fruit wines. We differ in some places as do many Im sure. However, he was telling me that he uses more fruit and less water in his wines. His thinking is he can get more of the fruit juice...
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    PH Depending on Fruit

    Good morning all. I have been looking across the site for all the excellent posts and power points on understanding PH and /or acid. I looked at the following links below. If you have not seen them then please do. Both are super helpful and I thank the Authors. I was wondering if anyone had or...
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    Raisins for Mouth feel?

    So im doing allot more research these days on making my country wines heartier if that is the best way to describe . I like a heavier mouth feel with my wines. I have ran across many articles and recipes calling for the addition of raisins in the Primary to increase the heartiness. I then ran...
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    Watermelon woahs

    I have 10 gallons of watermelon wine that has finished. Added my Camden and Sorbate and its cleared. It tastes horrible. Very yeasty and bitter taste. Is this toast? I started at 1.085 and its .990 final. I have not back sweetened yet due to the awful taste. No watermelon taste what so ever.
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    Black Berry ??????

    Hey guys Im back after what seemed like an eternity from not making wine. In any case I got my peach going and was about to start my black berry. I had froze my goodies over the winter just due to not having time and selling my house or trying.....well enough boring stuff and now to the point...
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    Fruit Crusher Plans

    Can anyone direct me to a site or anything for a DIY fruit grinder build. I can certainly build one cheaper than they cost but if I had plans it would save me the time of designing it
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    Wine and Friends

    Not sure if its just me but do any of you have those friends that are all about your wine so long as its free. They call you up " hey man come over and bring some wine":b. I thought why not start selling it because my friends seem to like it. Then you never hear from them again about it. I think...
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    My First Peach

    So I got my hands on some local peaches and thought what better than to make some wine. I have been reading where 6 lbs per gallon is preferred? In any case currently they are in my freezer until I get the remaining peaches to round out the batch. My question is this? When they thaw, would...
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    Mineral Taste

    So I finished up a run of Dragon blood and it tastes decent but has a minerally back end. Is that normal and if not what Options do I have? I followed the receipe, used the Super Kleer at the end and its been sitting for about a month after the super kleer was added. Well it was racked after a...
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    My First Cyser

    Is it common for Cyser to get a slow start in fermenting. The Initial SG is 1.090 and I used EC-1118 Yeast. Its been about 24 hours and nothing noticible. I pitched some dragon blood right beside it the same time and its roaring.
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    Wine no aging Required???

    Ok this hobby is gettng the best of me. Im making a 5 gallon batches at a time. Most of my batches are Bulk aging and Im itching to tear into them. I have made some Skeeter Pee and Dragon Blood, but Im curious as to what other wines are ready to rock with out long term aging. Black berry was...
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    Applejack not just for Hard cider

    So while browsing through youtube recently I ran across a video making apple jack. The process of freezing wine and then turning it upside down so that while it thaws the flavor and alcohol concentrates. It had me thinking why not try it with other wines I make. However I want to make sure I get...
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    Best at Home Filter ????

    So what are you guys using to filter your wine. Im still collecting equipment and thus far used the old double coffee filter and gravity method. It seemed to work until a couple weeks after bottling I noticed on a bottle of strawberry had a very slight and very fine sediment at the bottom of the...
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    Clearing Question

    I have three wines that are all finished up. They dried out and I have added Campdem Tabs and KSorbate. I sweetened them to my desired SG. They smell and taste great and Im ready to bottle however after I added the Campdem and sorbate it took on a murky look. not clear another words. I have let...
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    Ginger Wine Help

    I have a small batch of Ginger wine going and dried out. I added my Campden tab and my KSorbate. After a few days I sweetened it with raw honey. It became cloudy at the bottom of the Carboy and these crystals formed and appeared to be suspended. I tried cold stabilizing it and the crystals seem...
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    What should finished Apple Wine smell like

    So I have finished up a 5 gallon batch of apple wine. I have degassed but have not back sweetened it yet. It appears to be CO2 free at this moment but Im concerned about the smell and taste of the wine. I realize it must be aged at least six months to a year. It has a harsh bite to it and not an...
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    Cloudy After adding Campden and Sorbate

    This is probably premature but about 6 days ago I added my Potassium Sorbate and Potassium Metabisulphate to my some what cleared wine. Well actually I racked the wine one last time then added the above chemicals. Six days later the wine appears cloudy. During this time I try to degass once to...
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    Carbonated Hard Cider

    Recently I have been drinking these various hard cider drinks. Maybe Im not quite understanding what the actual term is for hard cider. So is Hard Cider the carbonated version of Apple Wine or is the Apple Wine itself just a term for Hard Cider? In anycase I have five gallons of apple wine...
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    Aging fruit wine other than grapes

    Im sorry if this a very elementary question on aging wines. Lets say I have made a strawberry, blackberry, and a peach wine. is it neccessary to age these types of fruits or drink as soon as you run them off? If aging is required, are there any time frames I should shoot for? If aging is not...
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    Potasium Sorbate ????

    How long should I wait after adding the campden tabs to add the Potasium Sorbate? After adding the Potasium Sorbate, how long before I can sweeten and bottle? I was told those two products are all Ill need, is this true?