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  1. Benjie

    How much malolactic bacteria to add

    I have searched through back posts on malolactic fermentation and I can't find an answer to a simple question. Packets of bacteria come in a size to treat 66 gallons. Once you open the package it does not keep. So my question is, if you are only doing a 6 gallon carboy, do you use the entire...
  2. Benjie

    Marquette juice bucket

    I live in central Illinois and I am planting a number of different varieties of red and white grapes to see what grows well on my farm and what tastes good to me. Of course it will be a few years before harvest. I found a site that sells 5 gallon buckets of Marquette and Traminette, as well as...
  3. Benjie

    White wine primary fermentation in glass carboy or bucket?

    I have seen different recommendations for primary fermenters for white wine. Should the primary fermentation be done in a glass carboy, or can it be done in a bucket? Why would it be different than red wines?