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  1. Trevor7

    Sad News

    I’m sure most of you received this, but for those who didn’t, RIP George of Fine Vine Wines: George Cornelius It is with a sad heart that I let everyone know that George passed away on Friday November 2nd. If you have been following the updates in the news letters about his health the last...
  2. Trevor7

    1.6 Billion Record Lottery Winner

    Not sure who the person is who won the lottery, but I do know that they inappropriately touched me 20 years ago!
  3. Trevor7

    Sad Day in Italy

    Prosecco Tank Overflows, Spilling 8,000 Gallons of Booze in Italy (with video) “If only we could have been there, with empty glasses at hand,” one person said
  4. Trevor7

    Tri-Cities Wine Festival

    Greetings, From the heart of Pacific Northwest AVA comes the Tri-Cities Wine Festival. Any folks heading this way? 40th Annual Tri-Cities Wine Festival November 10, 2018 Three Rivers Convention Center Kennewick, Washington 7:00 to 10:00 PM* *Doors open at 6:30 PM for Tri-Cities Wine Society...
  5. Trevor7

    Grapes For Sale: Wash State

    Just saw this on CraigsList: I have Pinot Gris and Riesling Grapes for sale. Perfect for the home winemaker. 1+ ton of Pinot Gris. Target Brix 24+ 2+ ton of Riesling. Target Brix 21-24 Let me know if you have a specific Brix you want. .75 cents a pound for both varieties. You Pick and haul...
  6. Trevor7

    4th of July

    One for the kids: What type of fireworks do ducks like? Fire-Quackers
  7. Trevor7

    Dragon Blood - Throwing in the towel (this time)

    Well, if anything will humble you, it's a venture that goes wrong... After 7 - 8 kit wines (thinking that I was destined for greatness), I made my venture into Dragon Blood. Things were going great! SG was coming down, that lemony fruit smell was permeating the air... Life was good! But when...
  8. Trevor7

    WE LE "New Instructions" ?

    Received my LE Chard/Chenin Blanc last week, and started the process last Saturday. The Kits I'm used to (MV Limited Editions) monitor the Specific Gravity until it gets below 1.020, and then rack into a carboy leaving the lees. This kit has you leave the wine in the primary fermenter until...