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  1. Kross

    Other Italian Montepulciano Wine Kit what yeast and should I add oak?

    I making an Italian Montepulciano Wine Kit and was wondering if you had any yeast recommendation? There was no oak in the kit so what are your thoughts on adding that?
  2. Kross

    RJ Spagnols Best time to add oak cubes to aging wine?

    When is the best time to add oak cubes to aging wine? Is it best at the start of aging for a month or two or at the end of aging?
  3. Kross

    RJ Spagnols Too much Yeast?

    I changed out the yeast in a kit and add an 8g pack in replace of a 6g pack. What affect will the extra yeast have on my wine?
  4. Kross

    Vineco VineCo wine kits

    Has anyone tried the VineCo wine kits?
  5. Kross

    Wine Kitz Yeast for kits?

    What would you recommend for yeast for Pinto Grigio and Super Tuscan wine kits from RJS?