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    Stocking up!

    It was time to start stocking up on Hops, yeast and grain, this is some of the yeast and hops that I received today....not to mention that I just scored a great deal on hops, 40 oz of various hops for $50.00 shipped......LOL Lately, unless I can get a good deal on ounce packets, I purchase Hops...
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    Scott Labs Cider Handbook

    I received a copy of the Scott labs Cider handbook yesterday, this handbook should be a "Must Have" for anyone serious about making not only Cider, but wine as well. Much like the Scott labs Fermentation Handbook, this handbook covers every step of the cider making process and explains in...
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    My wine "to do" list is

    My wine to do list is growing, I think that I need to break it up into several different days: Finally got around to adjusting my wine yesterday based on the Vinmetrica results, 8 batches down, 4 more to go. Going to try to back sweeten 12 gallons of Catawba today, bottling in a few days to a...
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    Cider Score!

    I was fortunate hat the local farm here cold stored enough apples this fall to be able to continue making fresh cider all winter. I picked up another 6 gallons of fresh cider, nothing added, I'm going to make another batch of Carbonated Hard cider, the first 5 gallons went real fast, too...
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    Major storm?!

    We decided to drive my mother back home to Maryland today, my sister (my mother splits her time between my two sisters and I) called in a panic pleading with us to reconsider driving in the terrible storm that they were getting, she told us how everything was closed, including the base that my...
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    Restarting a stuck Fermentation Video

    Here is a decent video from Scott Labs: Restarting a Stuck Fermentation Well worth the 4.32 mins. Just click the blue button and it'll start.
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    Scott Labs Recommends this website for Conversions

    Scott Labs recommends the following web site, Wine Adds to help you make Additions, reductions, bench trials, solutions...: And as they've posted:
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    How to add permanent volume markings to a kettle (illustrated)

    I found this at our sister site Home Brew Talk posted by user itsgus, this is a really cool way to mark your brew kettles: Check it out!
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    I think I have this clear beer down to a science

    Another batch of beer bottled, this batch is clear as any commercial beer! I know...bragging!
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    MultiGrain Bread Recipe using spent grains

    MULTIGRAIN BREAD Makes 4 loaves: 2 cup warm water 8 Tbsp sugar 4 cups spent grain 4.5 teaspoons or 2 pkg dry baker’s yeast 2 Tbsp salt 4 Tbsp vegetable oil (I use olive oil) 1/2 cup of Honey 6 to 7 cups bread flour (I use 6 cups and whatever extra I may need to get to the correct...
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    Sierra Nevada Hoptimum Imperial IPA Clone

    Sierra Nevada Hoptimum Imperial IPA This is an American Double / Imperial IPA. This is another Favorite, this is a big beer, the original recipe came in at over 10% ABV, and over 100 IBU's, once again, I moved the hops around a little to create an IPA that most craft beer drinkers can enjoy...
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    Golden Amarillo Pale Ale - APA

    Golden Amarillo Pale Ale - APA American Pale Ale. This beer is one of the most widely home-brewed beers in Australia, extremely popular to a wide range of palates and a robust recipe meaning that it can be varied in many ways with little risk. The beauty of this brew is that even the die...
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    Centennial IPA Clone

    This is by far one of my all time favorite IPA's. This recipe is a dead on clone of Founders Centennial IPA, the aroma will fill the room when you pour it! The original recipe had such a strong hop kick that not everyone could enjoy it, because of this I've moved a portion of the 60 minute...
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    Oktoberfest Oktoberfest/Märzen (3 B) Type: All Grain Batch Size: 6.00 gal Boil Size: 7.78 gal Boil Time: 60 min End of Boil Vol: 7.28 gal Final Bottling Vol: 5.50 gal Fermentation: Lager, Two Stage Equipment: Pot and Cooler 8 Gal/30 L - All Grain Efficiency: 72.00 % Est Mash...
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    I'll be a judge at TAP NY 2014!

    TAP New York - New York's Largest Craft Beer Festival, Around 100 breweries will be invited for 2014, representing well over 300 individual beers! It's actually marketed as a Craft Beer and Fine Food festival, I've agreed to judge all three rounds over the course of 2 days. This should be...
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    Getting consistent clear beer

    After trying a few different adjustments to the brewing process, I feel that I've finally been able to produce consistently clear beer, almost commercial quality, which isn't an easy task when bottling. I make sure that my "hot break" and "cold break" are very "strong", I add 1 whirlfloc...
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    Score - Beer Style!

    I just confirmed a purchase of roughly 100 lbs of grain, various sealed 10 lb bags of Base malts, Pilsner, 2 row, Rice, Corn, Munich and various Crystal malts for $30.00! A brewer is retiring from brewing and is looking to unload a bunch of grain and equipment, if I had more cash to play with...
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    My wife just keeps on getting better!

    So my wife asks me today... "what do you think about going to California and touring wineries for our anniversary next year" What do I think?! Pffffttt..... I think that she just got a bit cooler!
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    Ammo Giveaway is giving away a case of .223 on February 23rd. See link below for details. Besides the contest, they're regular ammo prices are very reasonable and they maintain an impressive selection.
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    BrewTrax /AquaCom Solutions Out of Business?!

    I opened my BrewTrax software this morning to check the dates on a wine that I made and noticed that my subscription was expired, not 3 weeks ago I had 400 plus days left. I went to the BrewTrax website to email customer support and the following message appears: This sucks, as much as I...