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    Aged Kit

    I just got a deal on aWine Expert wine making kit from a lady on Craigslist. When I went to get it, moreless for the carboy & fermentor, she also gave me a wine kit. It is a Winexpert Shiraz, after reading some other threads (SEARCH: Yes I am learning) I have determined that it was manufactured...
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    My First Explosion!

    I did something wrong but not sure what??? I walked into my shop last night and to my surprise I had Concord wine on the ceiling, my motorcycle, leathers and everything else within the blast zone. This was my very first batch of wine, I bottled it in early October and at that time I had not...
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    Grapevine Selection????

    I have researched a couple of threads trying to find a supplier for grape vines. From what I have read here it sounds like Double A is the nursery to go with. I live in Eastern North Carolina and have numerous scuppernong's already established. I am trying to decide what type of "purple...
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    1st Time Scuppernong

    I have attempted to make wine a couple of times with limited success. I have since compiled an arsenal of wine making equipment and the additives to hopefully pull off a successful scuppernong. All past attempts were based off of what I will call "Old Southern recipes" where additives other...